Aura Cleansing Meditation Course

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Bring balance to your mind & body, trigger internal healing and enhance the radiance of your auric field.

As you progress through your energy centres, the luminous light of your aura will purify and strengthen. By cleansing your seven chakra’s, you will manifest vitality and life force into your being.

This course will use guided meditation and Solfeggio frequencies that resonate at the same wavelength of your chakra’s, connecting you to your subtle energy body and your higher being.

When all seven areas of consciousness come into balance, the mind and body will find their natural state of harmony and wellbeing. Allowing yourself to fall into your natural flow is the most effortless approach to wellbeing.

Awaken your seven chakras and build a connection to your bodies essential energy points.

This 8 part course combines guided meditation and solfeggio frequencies that energize and promotes spiritual and emotional growth.

Our introductory 20 minutes guided meditation will help awaken your aura by clearing your body’s seven chakras energy points.

Your chakras correlate to the parts of your sympathetic nervous system that converge together at “plexuses”. Just like the way the neurons in your brain fire in synchronicity to create brain waves, these bundles of nerves also have an optimal resonance that can sometimes become disrupted by stress and anxiety. 

By using guided meditation that reconnects you with your chakra system and frequencies that resonate at the same pitch of their optimal vibration, we can help bring balance and harmony to mind and body.

As we progress through your chakra system, you will first start to feel the release of energetic blocks and trapped emotions. As we continue through your physical body, you may also experience your first occurrence of Kundalini energy flow as it awakens from deep inside!

This course includes

Guided Chakra Activation Meditation

396Hz Root Chakra Meditation

417Hz Sacral Chakra Meditation

528Hz Solar Chakra Meditation

639Hz Heart Chakra Meditation​

741Hz Throat Chakra Meditation

852Hz Third Eye Chakra Meditation

963Hz Crown Chakra Meditation


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Uma has been practising meditation for many years daily.
She has travelled across India, Sri Lanka and China and taking courses in meditation, yoga and yoga Nidra, giving herself a diverse and profoundly enriching practice.

Having experienced the life-changing and transformative effects of this practice, she teamed with MindEasy to create an aura cleansing
experience to share it with an even wider audience.

MindEasy meditation teacher Nathen

Nathen Britton is a multi-talented musician and sound engineer.

He uses Solfeggio Frequencies in combination with relaxing piano music to guide you through your chakras.

Music has been scientifically proven to help you relax, heal and establish a deeper connection between your mind, body and soul.

In this Aura cleansing meditation course, Nathen teamed with another MindEasy teacher, Uma to combine guided meditation with Solfeggio Frequencies to create an effortless aura cleansing experience.