Will meditation conquer my anxiety?

We often feel embarrassed by anxiety; whether it’s past episodes, suffering in the present, or fearful of our future. Anxiety is no bigger than the mind that creates it. Meditation calms anxiety by grounding our thoughts firmly in the physical present. By doing this we rebuild trust, confidence and calm in the relationship we have with our minds.

The latest medical, psychological and academic research shows a clear and encouraging correlation between meditation and anxiety reduction, and the evidence is mounting year on year. As more and more medical services around the world adopt meditation into their practical prescriptions.

a women deals with anxiety with her face in her hands

Why do we feel anxious?

One of the most frightening aspects of anxiety are the perceived lack of control of our lives and turbulent mental states. During the onset of anxiety we can often feel isolated and helpless, and after we might feel as though we are irrational and embarrassed. The state of heightened anxiety is generated by the fight-or-flight mechanism of the brain being activated when we perceive potential threats, even though these threats aren’t reasonable.ok inward meditation can neutralise that craving before it takes hold of us.

Understanding the nature of our feelings

Studies have shown that the area of the brain which is responsible for the fight and flight mechanism shows less activity among meditators. One particular study of 22 diagnosed anxiety sufferers showed a ‘clinical and significant’ improvement in a period of just eight weeks. Studies like the one below are helping us to understand the nature of anxiety, but also build trust in ourselves by showing us that our minds can defeat anxiety with the right guidance.