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Many people feel unfulfilled, anxious and lost in life, but we believe that through the benefits of meditation there’s a meaningful, peaceful and joyous path for everyone. However, we understand that it’s sometimes hard to know where to start.

At MindEasy we will help you pick the right kind of meditation whether you’re aiming to boost your self esteem, attain a sense of calm, better your relationships or anything else. In fact, we have a library brimming full of meditations to cover any area of your life which you feel needs a boost.

We will create you, your own personal meditation journey by recommending ongoing lessons for you to practise. Whenever you feel your ‘path’ or needs have changed just let us know and we can map you out another ‘journey.’

Leave it to us and we’ll see that you reach your goals, allowing your mind, spirit and body to blossom.

is constantly growing, and we want you to join us on our journey

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Meet our Teachers


Sleep better and wake up a new person

Best-selling author on Amazon, Marisa Imon, will help you discover the secret to a good night’s sleep and then how to wake up feeling refreshed and new. She uses a combination of sound and guided meditation to create an atmosphere of pure relaxation and purpose.


Become more mindful

Nadine specialises in mindfulness, one of the most popular reasons to meditate. She will introduce you to techniques that explore breathing, body scanning, sounds, thoughts and feelings. 



Superpowers of the Zodiac

Gia is all our-rounder, she is a yoga and meditation instructor, singer-songwriter, and Reiki practitioner. Her course, Superpowers of the Zodiac, taps into the more spiritual side, using the traits of star signs to help manifest positive qualities into your life.


Become a master with our monk

Ollie is one of very few teachers who’s had the privilege of being a monk at a Buddhist monastery. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the intricacies of meditation and developed a newfound inner peace. Supporting you through your journey with specific meditation techniques and covering any theory or problems.


Relax and replenish yourself

Having trained in both meditation and yoga in India, China and Sri Lanka, Uma is our resident ‘relaxation’ expert.
She has garnered training from all around the world, with her in-depth knowledge focusing on Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep, which is that lovely restful state between wakefulness and sleep.


Feel the music and connect

Music has been scientifically proven to help you relax, heal and establish a deeper connection between your mind, body and soul. Nathen Britton is a multi-talented musician and sound engineer. He uses Solfeggio Frequencies in combination with relaxing piano music to guide you through your chakras, which emanate energy through us.

What meditation means to our teachers

"10 years ago, I was suffering from extreme anxiety. I was recommended mindfulness from a friend. At first, I was unsure, but being at breaking point, I thought I'd give it a try. With a few weeks of practice, I was sleeping again and had a skip in my step. For me, it was a game-changer."
"After two decades of dealing with insomnia, never being able to achieve a restful nights sleep, I knew there had to be a better way. Meditation allowed me to feel like someone who can sleep through the night and approach the new day feeling restored and full of energy."
"Practising meditation every morning has given my life structure. The discipline that I cultivate with just 10 minutes every morning spills into every other aspect of my life. I undertake tasks and challenges with a new sense of focus and confidence. For me, it's a habit for life."

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