What are the benefits of meditation?

Have you ever wondered why people meditate, or even how they do it? Or asked yourself when should I meditate, and more importantly, what is meditation?

As the popularity of meditation has grown there has been hundreds, if not thousands of studies to verify all benefits people claim meditation can create.

Have a read below to see 14 different reasons why meditation could benefit you.

Better memory

a dad teaches his son to skateboard

In one study, meditation increased alertness, memory recall, and quickness of thinking in a short span of time!

Improved Sleep

a women sleeps on a bed wearing an eye mask

A study in 2015 illuminated how effective meditation and mindfulness is at treating the pervasive illness of insomnia

Heal Pain

a women sits in front of a plant dealing with the pain of a headache

Mind over matter is more than just a figure of speech. Whilst we can’t always combat the source of pain, we can control our reaction to it 

Reduce Stress

Scientific studies reveal that meditation is an effective stress-buster, giving the ability to conquer stress symptoms

Calm Anxiety

a women deals with anxiety with her face in her hands

The latest medical and academic research shows a clear and encouraging link between meditation and anxiety reduction

Lose Weight

a women sits crossed legged on the floor

Research suggests that meditation can help us break up automatic habits and cravings, in turn, resulting in weight loss


a women who is depressed sits with her legs tucked into her torso

Neuroscientists at Harvard discovered parts OF the brain responsible for depression can be changed through meditation

Be Healthier

a man and a women exercise to get healthier

In numerous studies, meditation has been shown to improve willpower and create a mindset for real lifestyle change


a woman and a man are in a loving relationship

Increasingly, studies show that meditation can defeat self-destructive patterns, in turn leading to better relationships

Beat Addiction

the strings of a puppet are held by a hand above it

One study has shown that particularly Vipassana meditation, is an effective treatment for alcohol and substance abuse


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A recent study showed that after just four days of meditating the attention span of some subjects was significantly improved!


a women walks along thoughtfully

Amazingly, kindness-based meditation has not only improved the wellbeing of practitioners, but also their entire community

Improved Focus

a women focuses on meditation

Mantra meditation is particularly effective at helping you focus on the one chosen present thought in your mind


two people wearing masks wave at each other

Studies show meditation allows us to see our mental starting point so we can stop harmful, unconscious habits


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