Aura Cleansing Meditation

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In this Aura Cleansing Meditation, we will guide you through each of your seven chakras and use visualizations to cleanse each of their corresponding aura colours.

This meditation uses a combination of guided meditation and solfeggio frequencies to help you relax, focus and let go.

Below the meditation, you’ll find instructions to help you with your position and posture, and you also have the option to download the audio of the meditation if you want to listen to it offline.

To learn more about auras, check out our aura guide or take our quick aura quiz to discover your dominant aura colour.

Meditation Instructions

You can follow this meditation by either sitting or lying down. If you choose to sit, make sure your back is straight, you are comfortable and you can breathe easily.

If you choose to practice laying down, then support your head with a cushion and lay on the floor to promote alertness. If you want to listen to this meditation to help you fall asleep, then feel free to practice in bed.

To learn more about positions or if you want to adopt a mudra while you practice (hand position), you can find a complete guide here.

If you are struggling with the meditation’s visualization aspect, you can open your eyes and view the video. The colour of the aura in the video will change depending on which chakra/ aura you are currently focusing on.

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