A message from your coach - Uma


It is beneficial to provides yourself the freedom to place individuals into different categories so that you can work at a level that is appropriate for you.

For example, if you have difficulties with a family member, you are not forced to work on radiating loving-kindness to them until you feel ready to do so.

In adopting an approach that includes phrases, remember to use phrases that have meaning to you, and that allows you to tap into the infinite resource of metta.

Difficulty with the choice of phrases used in the metta meditation

Feel free to amend the phrases to something which has more meaning for you. If you find it easier to use images instead of words, then you can drop the phrases altogether, and you can start to radiate metta that way.

Ideally, you want to get to a place where you can memorise the order and sequence of the meditation, personalise it if you need to so that you can connect with the feeling of loving-kindness.

Loving-kindness already exists within you, so work gently and consistently to share metta with yourself and others.

Areas that you find hard

Areas that you find hard

The structure that is provided in this method means that with consistent and dedicated practice, you can work on each area.

Therefore you can systematically radiate metta to people of whom you approve of and those people who you find more challenging.

Cultivate qualities of kindness, compassion, patience and joy to change your attitudes and behaviours with the beings that you interact with and ultimately create less suffering.

Metta practice is about growth and development for the practitioner rather than seeking to transform others.

There is a ripple effect from the method into daily life as one will be more understanding with others, foster more harmonious relationships and cause less suffering in one’s interactions.

This practice involves gradual development and cultivation. No-one expects you to become an expert overnight.

You must take this at a pace that is right for you, as we all work with a diverse set of circumstances.

May you be peaceful-May you be happy

May you be well-May you be safe

May you be free from suffering