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Congratulations! You’ve reached your final mantra meditation session, but truthfully this is just the beginning.

Hopefully, by this point you are able to recite the mantra in your head almost effortlessly, it will come naturally in time if this isn’t the case.


You have in your possession now, all the skills necessary to perfect mantra meditation and receive all the deep-rooted benefits

Sometimes we can plateau in our efforts once we start to feel less stressed or in a happier state of mind.

Meditation not only helps you gain these benefits but will maintain them and let you build upon them. So, in short, whenever you feel as though you’ve got everything you can from meditation…

That’s the time to really commit to more!

Mantra is a great technique in its own right, but one of its most useful assets is that it can act as a springboard to different techniques

With techniques like Vipassana, for example, you use sensation found in the body to deeply analyze yourself and shift your perspective to gain control over your emotions and reactions to the world. 

With certain mindfulness meditations, we learn to concentrate on the outside world, paying deep attention to the things going on around us that can help us become more present.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your course, and if you wish to deepen your understanding of meditation and take more steps on the journey of self-discovery we offer many more courses on a range of techniques. Good luck, take care and… bring your mind back to the mantra!

Table of Contents