Sound Meditation Course


Instructor: Marisa

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Enjoy these guided meditations where our expert teacher, Marisa Imon will help you find deep relaxation for your body, and give you a sense of peace and wellbeing before you sleep.

You’ll get the best rest ever and wake up feeling refreshed and prepared to face the day.

Wind down, drift off and wake up ready for a new day

Do you find it hard to fall asleep, consistently wake up at night or experience restless sleep patterns? These meditations are for you!

Combining relaxing music with gentle, guided meditation, Sound Sleep meditation is the perfect natural antidote to calm your mind, relax your body and prepare you for a perfect nights sleep

A good nights sleep requires quality over quantity. Eights hours in bed spent tossing and turning will not leave you feeling refreshed and rested in the morning. This meditation course will leave you with a set of an invaluable tool designed to settle the mind and rest the body.

This course includes

How does sound meditation work?

Sound meditation uses music and tones to cultivate a deep sense of relaxation, creating a soothing yet powerful exercise that clears the mind, heals the body and brings new depth to your meditation practice.

A usual meditation requires you either focus on your breath or body, or use some form of visualisation to keep your mind engaged. The music in sounds meditation gives you that object to focus so you can achieve a meditative state quicker and easier.

Sounds meditation has been practiced in cultures all across the world with ancient roots, including Tibetan singing bowls and Aboriginal tribes using didgeridoo’s as healing instruments.

Benefits of this Sound Meditation Course​:

Better Sleep with Yoga Nidra Meditation Course

Greatly improved the quality of sleep

These meditation sessions aid you in letting go of worrying thoughts and help you relax your body before bed. Each meditation teaches you a new strategy in preparing for falling and staying asleep.

Increased Focus

Less stress and better health

Increased and better sleep leads to the lowering of the stress hormone cortisol and a boost in mental clarity and memory. A healthy sleeping pattern has even been linked to reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.

Increased Cognitive Flexibility

Easier focus and concentration.

Better sleep doesn’t only mean relaxation at night. By waking up rested, you’ll find your ability to remain focused and concentrated on any given tasks considerably more manageable.

About your teacher


Marisa Imon is the internationally bestselling author of Super Intense, a book about how meditation can turn you into a superhero. She is also an award winning composer and host of the unconventional meditation podcast, Incandescent.

Living with bipolar type 1 she promoted the use of mindfulness skills to help her live her life well and deal with emotional intensity. 

Combining both her musical skills and her deep knowledge of meditation she has produced this sound meditation course with MindEasy to create the perfect atmosphere for restful and complete night sleep. 

MindEasy Sound Meditation Course & Self love meditation & morning meditation teacher Marisa

Is Sound Meditation for me?

If you have tried other meditation techniques and found it hard to switch off your wandering mind, then sound meditation might be perfect for you.

Sound meditation is extremely accessible, as the only requirement is to lay down and listen. With little effort, your mind will put to ease, and you’ll find yourself in a state of deep relaxation and calm in no time.

This sound meditation course can be used anytime your looking to relax, but ideally, it should be used whilst falling asleep or just when your preparing for bed.