Metta Meditation

Improve your relationships, uncover self-confidence and become content

Metta Meditation can help you rebuild relationships and repair those that may have suffered over the years. You’ll learn to show unconditional kindness, compassion and empathy towards yourself and those around you, leading to a greater sense of peace.

By spending a few minutes each day focusing on each of the different Boundless States, you’ll start to bring a joyful energy into your day. While the course isn’t focused on ‘looking on the bright side’, it can help you disengage from negative thoughts and self talk, seeing joy in the small, everyday moments.

Whether we’re berating ourselves for sleeping in or we think we should have been more productive, we can all find ourselves being unnecessarily self critical. Metta meditation encourages you to see yourself as a human worthy of joy, love and compassion, which can help ease social anxiety and increase self confidence.

Through cultivating a sense of peace, joy and compassion towards yourself and others, you’ll experience improved sleep, leading to increased productivity and a range of physical health benefits.

Cultivate your natural ability to have an open and loving heart.

This fifteen part course will provide you with a set of compassionate phrases that will leave you feeling content, grounded and full of love.

This 15 part Metta Meditation course will provide you with an insight and understanding of various compassionate phrases to leave you feeling open, grounded and full of love. We explore the benefits of lovingkindness meditation, discuss attachment and learn how to cultivate unconditional compassion towards both ourselves and others.

Metta Meditation can help repair relationships lacking in communication, compassion and empathy. Learning and exploring the Boundless States can help you manage stress and difficulty, while improving self confidence and leading to a greater sense of joy and wellbeing.

This course covers

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Uma has been practising meditation for many years on a daily basis.

She has travelled across India, Sri Lanka and China and taking courses in meditation, yoga and yoga nidra giving herself a diverse and profoundly knowledgeable practice.

She is currently based in London but attends as well as runs yoga nidra retreats all across the globe.

Having experienced the life-changing and transformative effects of this practice, she teamed with MindEasy to create a metta meditation course so it could be shared with an even wider audience.

What is Metta Meditation?

In this course we look at the four boundless states: lovingkindness, compassion, appreciative joy and equanimity. We work with each of the practices in turn, exploring why we should cultivate these feelings and the benefits of this style of meditation.

While the Metta course can feel more spiritual than other courses available, it’s extremely transferable to everyday life. By allowing ourselves to direct kindness and love towards both ourselves and others, we can strengthen relationships and increase self belief.

The end goal is that we learn to treat ourselves and others as unique individuals who are all worthy of love, compassion and joy.

Is Metta Meditation for me?

Metta Meditation can be practiced by anyone, with the first session being just a 10 minute lovingkindness practice. This course is perfect if you find yourself being overly critical towards either yourself or others. It can help repair relationships, encouraging you to treat those around you with kindness and compassion.

Once you have completed this course, you should feel better prepared to deal with hardship.

These sessions can be fitted into a busy schedule, with each meditation lasting under 20 minutes.