Online Meditation Courses

MindEasy creates courses for people just getting started, to support them through their day to day issues and help them develop an authentic and meaningful meditation practice.

Transform your life and create positive, lasting change.



Six different meditation techniques designed to give you a little taste of everything. This includes breathing, body scan, sounds, feelings and open awareness
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Sound Sleep

Sound Sleep

Guided meditations designed to help you relax your body, and give you a sense of peace and wellbeing before you sleep. You’ll get the best rest ever and wake up feeling refreshed and prepared to face the day.
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Stress Relief

Stress Relief

In these six sessions, you'll learn essential stress relief techniques. Ranging from a calming breathing practice to full-body relaxation, you'll be left with more self-esteem, peace of mind and happiness.
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making friends with your mind

Making Friends With Your Mind

Sometimes our minds can turn against us. Be it intrusive thoughts or depressions, sometimes we all need a break from our brains. In this eight-part course we'll help you form a better relationship with your mind.
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Meditation for mothers

Meditation For Mothers

Whether you’re a new mother transitioning to life with a baby, or you have a tantrum-ing toddler or a teenager, it’s so important that you take a few precious minutes to refocus – emotionally, physically and spiritually.
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Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an ancient method deriving from the Tantras. It is a powerful technique which will teach you how to really relax. With these sessions, you'll gain a state of complete relaxation within the physical, mental and emotional systems.
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Sound awakening

Sound Awakening

In these five lessons you'll learn how to start your day with a new refreshed and invigorated outlook. You’ll discover a renewed willingness to live your life to the full and an eternal gratitude for everything and everyone, as you move forward.
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Super powers of the zodiac

Super Powers Of The Zodiac

This course is all about learning how to manifest the powers of each of the zodiac signs, harnessing their unique abilities for your benefit.
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Self love

Self Love

Cultivate self-love through acceptance and a celebration of the self. Connect with your higher consciousness in these six sessions designed to generate loving-kindness to the person who matters most.
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Chakra activation

Chakra Activation

This course uses a combination of binaural beats, guided meditation and beautiful ambient sounds and piano music to create the ultimate chakra activation experience.
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In this seven day course, you will be given a personal mantra and provided with all the tools necessary to master it. This course combines audio instructions and written lesson to provide an in-depth understanding of mantra meditation.
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meditation for children

Meditation For Children

These special, gentle meditations have been made especially for children. They'll learn a series of exercises that they can practice themselves when they need to calm down, or if they’re facing ‘change’ – be it at school, home, friendships or anywhere else.
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This course extended over twenty-two sessions covering both mindfulness of breathing and vipassana meditation. Combining audio-guides and written lessons, this course is your ultimate guide to insight meditation.
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Metta meditation

Metta Meditation

Cultivate your natural ability to have an open and loving heart. This fifteen part course will provide you with a set of compassionate phrases that will leave you feeling content, grounded and full of love.
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Sleepeasy Stories

This package of SleepEasy Stories are perfect for when you need an easy solutions to a restless night. Suitable for adults and childrens alike, there's something here for everyone.
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Here to help you every step of the way

If you sign up to any of MindEasy’s online meditation courses, you will get the full support from your chosen meditation teacher whenever you need it. Any question do with your course send us an email and your meditation teacher will reply within 72 hours.

Meet your teachers

Marisa: Self Love and Sound Meditation Trainer


Sleep better and wake up a new person

Best-selling author on Amazon, Marisa Imon, will help you discover the secret to a good night’s sleep and then how to wake up feeling refreshed and new. She uses a combination of sound and guided meditation to create an atmosphere of pure relaxation and purpose.

Nadine: Mindfulness Meditation Trainer


Become more mindful

Nadine specialises in mindfulness, one of the most popular reasons to meditate. She will introduce you to techniques that explore breathing, body scanning, sounds, thoughts and feelings. 


Gia: Spiritual Guide, Meditation Instructor & Sound Healer.


Superpowers of the Zodiac

Gia is all our-rounder, she is a yoga and meditation instructor, singer-songwriter, and Reiki practitioner. Her course, Superpowers of the Zodiac, taps into the more spiritual side, using the traits of star signs to help manifest positive qualities into your life.

Ollie: Vipassana Meditation Course Trainer


Become a master with our monk

Ollie is one of very few teachers who’s had the privilege of being a monk at a Buddhist monastery. He has accumulated a wealth of knowledge about the intricacies of meditation and developed a newfound inner peace. Supporting you through your journey with specific meditation techniques and covering any theory or problems.

Uma: Yoga Nidra Meditation Course Trainer


Relax and replenish yourself

Having trained in both meditation and yoga in India, China and Sri Lanka, Uma is our resident ‘relaxation’ expert.
She has garnered training from all around the world, with her in-depth knowledge focusing on Yoga Nidra or yogic sleep, which is that lovely restful state between wakefulness and sleep.

Nathan: Chakra Meditation Course Trainer


Feel the music and connect

Music has been scientifically proven to help you relax, heal and establish a deeper connection between your mind, body and soul. Nathen Britton is a multi-talented musician and sound engineer. He uses Solfeggio Frequencies in combination with relaxing piano music to guide you through your chakras, which emanate energy through us.

Benefits of these online meditation courses

Calm Anxiety

The latest medical and academic research shows a clear and encouraging link between meditation and anxiety reduction


Amazingly, kindness-based meditation has not only improved the wellbeing of practitioners, but also their entire community


In numerous studies, meditation has been shown to improve willpower and create a mindset for real lifestyle changey

Lose Weight

Research suggests that meditation can help us break up automatic habits and cravings, in turn, resulting in weight loss

Heal Pain

Mind over matter is more than just a figure of speech. Whilst we can’t always combat the source of pain, we can control our reaction to it

Reduce stress

Online meditation courses are an effective stress-buster, giving the ability to conquer stress and relieve anxiety.