Best Time to Meditate – When is Right for You?

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While sitting down to a guided meditation practice is relatively straightforward, it’s not so easy to find the time, location and, let’s face it, the motivation, needed to make the most of your session.

It’s only natural that you’ll want to meditate at the right time to get maximum benefits from your session, but the perfect time can be different for everyone!

Why meditation time makes a difference?

The good news is that the best time to meditate is whenever it works for you! Meditating first thing in the morning has its own unique set of benefits, while meditating in the evening offers a different set.

Meditating at the most convenient time for your lifestyle will help you form a habit that is far more valuable than infrequently meditating at the perfect time and in the perfect place.

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Meditation in the Morning

A morning meditation is a great start to the day, giving you the energy and positive mindset to help you tackle the day ahead.

There’s a number of reasons to meditate in the morning, and for many people, a morning meditation is as integral to their routine as brushing their teeth or making a coffee!

A morning meditation practice offers a serene start to the day and, depending on the specific meditation you are practicing, you may have the opportunity to set an inspirational and feel-good intention. If you have a long to-do list that needs tackling, a short morning practice will help you get into a positive and productive headspace.

Meditating in the morning can also give us more energy. Taking some deep and refreshing breaths will release endorphins to boost your energy and eliminate that Monday morning grogginess! 

Suggested Meditation:

A guided meditation is a wonderful start to the day.

The MindEasy Morning Meditation Course – Sound Awakening, led by our teacher Marisa, uses guided meditation paired with uplifting music designed to wake you up and prepare yourself for the day.

This course can increase energy levels and boost positive thinking – all you need before a tough day at work. 

Best Time to Meditate - Morning
A morning meditation session will set you up for the day

Meditation in the Middle of the Day

A midday meditation can help you release the tension that has built over the course of the morning. A mindfulness meditation will help you make the most of even the shortest of lunch breaks, by encouraging you to notice and appreciate what is around you. 

Whether you’ve had a morning full of stressful meetings or you’ve hit a creative wall, a midday meditation is a great way to give yourself a boost on those working days that feel as though they’ll never end!

It’s very normal for our productivity to take a bit of a dip as the day drags, especially if you’ve spent the morning working at maximum capacity. A midday meditation can give you a boost of energy that’ll help you to stay focused for the rest of the day.

Meditation can also help you look at situations from a more objective perspective. If you’ve got a meeting with an especially trying colleague, a short meditation will put you in the right mindset.

You’ll feel calmer, more focused and able to look at the situation from another perspective.

Finally, a short meditation on your lunch break will give you a quick time out. It’s the ultimate form of self-care and can give you an often much-needed break from the rest of the world.

Suggested Meditation:

A midday mindfulness meditation will help you to become more alert and aware. If you’re having a bad day at work, a mindfulness practice can help you to remember what you’re grateful for.

Our 6 part Mindfulness Meditation Course consists of breathing exercises, body scans and mindful listening to help you utilise a positive mindset and manage the stress that builds throughout the morning. 

Best Time to Meditate - At Work
A Mindfulness practice at work can help you focus after the mid-day slump

After Work Meditation

An after-work meditation is a perfect buffer between work and rest. You’ll be encouraged to switch off thoughts of the day, and take a much-needed time out so you can wind down before bed. 

An after-work meditation is a great way to relieve the tension that tends to build throughout the day.

It can be difficult to switch off in the evening, especially after a difficult day at work. It’s all too easy to go to bed with your mind still whirring.

Your sleep quality will suffer, and you may even find yourself irritable. If the evening is the only time you get to yourself, you’ll want to be in a good mood for it!

An after-work meditation creates a buffer period between working and time to yourself. You’ll learn to switch off and let go of the thoughts of the day.

Putting work out of your mind for the evening allows you to spend quality time with your family, or even get a few stress-free hours to yourself!

Suggested meditation:

A mantra meditation is a great option for an after work practice, as these can help you to let go of the day, relax and even set an intention for the remainder of the evening.

Our 6 part Mantra Meditation Course will leave you feeling calm and positive, no matter what the day has thrown at you. 

Best Time to Meditate - Time With Family
Meditating after work can help you relax and connect with your family

Before Sleep Meditation

A bedtime meditation will help you get to sleep quicker and lead to a better quality of sleep. You’ll wake up feeling rested and energised. 

If you struggle to get to sleep at night, or even if you wake up feeling groggy each morning, a sleep meditation can be invaluable. 

Not only will this help you to fall asleep quicker, your quality of sleep will drastically improve. You’ll feel more energised and rested the next day.

A sleep meditation will help you to relax at the end of a stressful day, and they can be practiced in bed at night.

You’ll enter a state of deep relaxation, and find it far easier to doze off.

Suggested meditation:

A Yoga Nidra meditation is the perfect before-bed practice. This can relieve tension and help you to descend into a deep state of relaxation and calm. 

MindEasy offers a 5 step Yoga Nidra course to help build the foundations of a powerful and transformative practice. You’ll find yourself sleeping deeper, and waking up ready to tackle the day ahead. 

Key Facts

  1. The right time to meditate is whenever works for you and your lifestyle.

  2. Try to meditate at the same time every day to make it a habit.

  3. Meditating in the morning is a great start to the day and can help boost your energy. A mantra meditation will boost positive thinking first thing.

  4. If you’ve had a tough morning, meditating in your lunch break can help. A mindfulness meditation will bring you back to the present and help you to feel grateful for your body and surroundings.

  5. If you struggle to switch off in the evening, an after work mantra practice can help. This can help you let go of thoughts of the day, and enjoy some time to yourself.

  6. A Yoga Nidra practice will help you fall asleep at night. You’ll enter a deep state of relaxation, and awaken the next morning feeling refreshed and rested.