Orange Aura Meaning and Personality

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An aura is an invisible field of energy surrounding your physical body, with the colour of your aura at any time affected by your personality, emotions and experiences.

Understanding the colour of your aura will help you connect with your inner self, allowing you more insight into your personality, the energy you project, and your state of mind.

Those surrounded by orange energy are adventure seekers, risk takers and inspiring to be around.

To discover your dominant aura check out our quick aura quiz, or try this free aura cleansing meditation to help you feel refreshed, renewed and connected.

What Makes Our Aura Turn Orange?

The colour of your aura is affected by your personality, mood and experiences at any given time. The colour of your aura is not unchanging, but most people have an aura dominated by a certain shade. If your mood rapidly changes, so will the colours in your aura.

Those with orange auras are usually adventure seekers, exuding both a passionate and creative energy. They bring this energy to a lot of what they do, which makes them exciting and inspiring to other people.

While some people naturally have an orange aura due to their personality, others will have small amounts of orange in their aura that become brighter depending on their mood. Our aura may turn orange when we are in tune with our physical body, or feeling inspired, creative and passionate.

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Try any MindEasy courses for free

Orange Aura Personality

We likely all know someone with an orange aura. They are the ones who rarely say no to a new thrill and are always up for a challenge.

Orange auras are the perfect combination of a passionate red and a playful yellow. Orange energy is positive, thrill-seeking and exhilarating.

In their personal relationships, those with an orange aura are loyal and supportive. They appreciate those who are supportive of their own exploits, and they fiercely defend friends who are feeling vulnerable.

In romantic relationships, those with an orange aura boast a sexual energy like no other. Orange auras are highly in tune with their physical body, which makes them passionate lovers.

However, their thrill-seeking mentality can lead to them rushing into relationships, and they may lose sight of what is important.

Spiritual Meaning of an Orange Aura

Spiritually, orange auras possess an intuitive energy that opens them up to positive change, regeneration and renewal. They have a personal power that tends to inspire those around them, and they are often thought of as wise despite their daredevil traits.

Orange aura energy is positive and vibrant, while their intuitive abilities ensure they can see situations objectively.

Despite this wonderful energy, there are some challenges to having an orange aura. Those with an orange aura tend to dive in headfirst and think about the consequences later.

This can lead to burnout and regret, as they rush into projects, relationships and experiences too quickly.

Understanding Orange Aura Shades

Orange is seen as playful and passionate, but the exact shade of orange in one’s aura can vary.


If your aura is peach in colour, you are communicative and open. Peach auras are often seen surrounding public speakers, writers and teachers.

This is the most inspirational of the orange shades, and those with a peach aura are able to communicate their ideas clearly.

Burnt Orange

If your aura is burnt orange, you might be in need of a change. Those with a burnt orange aura tend to be the most ambitious, but the brown tones in this aura signify a negative energy.

As opposed to feeling inspired and passionate, those with a burnt orange aura may lack energy and feel stuck in a rut.

meditating on the orange aura


A rich pumpkin coloured aura signifies a good eye for detail and self-discipline.

Those with pumpkin tones in their aura are adept at starting new challenges and make great employees. They are hard working, enthusiastic and loyal.

sacral chakra orange aura

Orange Aura Chakra

Knowing which of the seven chakras your aura relates to can help you to understand your aura better. The colour orange is connected to the sacral chakra, the second of the seven energy fields in the body.

The sacral chakra is located just below the naval. This chakra is associated with creative and sexual energy, which those with a bright orange aura heavily exhibit. Sensuality, pleasure and intimacy are also strongly linked to the sacral chakra.

When the sacral chakra is out of balance, a person may feel emotionally unstable, underwhelmed or lacking creative focus. Self care, as well as yoga poses targeting the hips and pelvis, can help to unblock the sacral chakra and lead to individuals feeling better connected to their bodies.