Green Aura Meaning and Personality

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An aura is an invisible field of energy that surrounds your physical body, with the colour of it at any given time affected by your personality, emotions and experiences.

Understanding the colour of your aura will help you connect with your inner self and allow you more insight into your personality, energy, and state of mind. 

To discover your dominant aura check out our quick aura quiz.

What Makes Our Aura Turn Green?

At any given moment, your personality, mood and experiences can affect the colour of your aura. Most people have an aura that is dominated by one shade. Your aura will change with your moods. 

Those with a green aura feel a strong connection with other people and the earth. They have a love for nature, animals and a strong sense of grounding.

Those with a green aura are usually very calming to be around, exhibiting earthy qualities such as stability, grounding and balance

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Green Aura Personality

Although the exact traits will vary according to the shade of green surrounding a person, those with a green aura usually move through life with a positive energy.

A green aura represents growth and change, but those with a green aura are also content, peace-loving and practical minded.

Those with green in their aura love to spend time in nature, and they pride themselves on striking the optimum balance in life between ambition and contentment.

Depending on the shade of green, those with a green aura are either beautifully content, or striving for growth. Individuals with intense green in their auras are typically natural self-healers.

They are the most balanced of all the auras, giving equal attention to their own personal growth and the growth of those around them. Many people with green in their aura cite homeopathic or alternative healing benefits to boost their energy levels and redress their life balance.

Spiritual Meaning of a Green Aura

Individuals with green in their aura are often thought of as a child of nature, and they tend to be the most appreciative of Mother Nature and all she delivers. A rich green signifies a deep connection to the earth, and they often use nature as a healing tool.

Greens also possess impressive intuitive abilities. They are highly in tune with themselves and their emotions, although they have a tendency to over-commit, both in friendships and romantic relationships. Greens are rooted in balance, but they are also open to growth and change. 

Those with a naturally green aura get on best with those who share the same balanced approach to life, and they are drawn to peaceful, calming activities.

Understanding Green Aura Shades


A blue-green aura strikes the perfect balance of blue and green, combining the best qualities of each.

Those with blue-green auras are calming, grounding and reassuring to be around. They make those around them feel comfortable and energised, while they’re also sensitive with a strong sense of purpose.

They often possess a willingness to change, grow and transform, and they inspire others to do the same.


Like the colour itself, an emerald aura is attractive and magnetising. Those with an emerald aura naturally want to heal and help others, while their energy and personality helps inspire growth and change.

Emerald energy can bring warmth, joy and comfort to those around them. They usually make effective alternative healers, and they’re also thought of as naturally lucky!

Dark Green Aura

While green is generally a very positive colour, a very dark green aura signifies much more negative energy.

A muddy green in one’s aura can signify feelings of envy, jealousy or bitterness. They may be closed off from positive feelings and experiencing emotional turmoil.

Green Aura Chakra

Knowing which of the seven chakras your aura relates to can help you to understand your aura better. The colour green is connected to the heart chakra, the second of the seven spiritual energy fields in the human body. 

The heart chakra is located, as the name suggests, at the heart. This acts as an individual’s centre of compassion, empathy, forgiveness and, of course, love. Those with an open heart chakra will feel gratitude and compassion for those around them, and they’ll also be open to transformation and healing. 

It’s important that those with a green aura work with their heart chakra. A closed heart chakra can lead to individuals closing off from those around them and holding grudges. To open the heart chakra, positive affirmations, heart opening yoga poses and healing stones can all be used. 

Quick Aura Guide

Red Aura: Fiery, Proud & Grounded

Orange Aura: Creative, Sensual & Perceptive

Yellow Aura: Charismatic, Happy & Confident

Green Aura : Caring, Loving & Peaceful

Blue Aura: Vocal, Honest & Loyal

Indigo Aura: Intuitive, Sensitive & Empathetic

Purple Aura: Spiritual, Powerful & Dynamic

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