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Mantra is a Vedic term made of two Sanskrit words; ‘man’ meaning ‘mind’ and ‘tra’ meaning ‘liberate.’

A bija mantra is a ‘seed syllable’ mantra that resonates at the same frequency as its specific chakras. It is a powerful method of accessing our energy centers while also charging them.

Using a bija mantra in mantra meditation can profoundly affect your mind and help you achieve spiritual liberation.

How to Use Chakra Mantras

Traditionally mantra meditation is practiced sitting down in your chosen meditation position and repeating a mantra either in your mind or out loud.

Using a bija mantra only differs in that our intentions for the practice is focused on our chakras.

We can also combine a seed mantra with another powerful method of chakra alignments, such as pranayama breathing exercises, chakra yoga, chakra mudras, and body scanning the different chakra locations.

7 Chakra Mantras

Root Chakra - LAM

This chakra is responsible for our survival and our general sense of feeling grounded and secure. Use this mantra when you feel worried, powerless, disconnected, or lost.

Sanskrit – Muladhara chakra
Location – Base of the spine
Frequency – 396Hz
Aura color red
Meaning; I AM


Sacral Chakra - VAM

The sacral chakra is responsible for our sexuality and creativity. It weaves our personal power into a collective force that brings us together and helps us achieve fulfillment in life. Use this mantra when you feel stuck in life, unfulfilled, or uncreative.

Sanskrit – Swadhisthana Chakra
Location – Below the belly button
Frequency – 417Hz
Aura color orange
Meaning; I FEEL


Solar Plexus Chakra - RAM

This chakra is also referred to as the city of jewels due to it being the center of our willpower, passion, and self-confidence. Use this mantra when you feel powerless, indecisive, or unmotivated.

Sanskrit – Manipura Chakra
Location – Above the belly button
Frequency – 528Hz
Aura color yellow
Meaning; I DO


Heart Chakra -YAM

The heart chakra is responsible for compassion and love and our, self-love and feelings of self-worth. Use this mantra when you’re having difficulty loving yourself.

Sanskrit – Anahata Chakra
Location – Centre of the chest
Frequency – 639Hz
Aura color green or pink
Meaning; I LOVE


Throat Chakra - HAM

The first of the upper chakras, which deal with higher levels of consciousness, the throat chakra, is related to language, self-expression, and the freedom of our voice. Use this mantra when you are ready to communicate your truth to the world.

Sanskrit – Vishuddha Chakra
Location – Centre of the throat
Frequency – 741Hz
Aura color blue
Meaning; I SPEAK


Third Eye Chakra - OM

This is the chakra of intuition, discernment, and psychic awareness – the ability to perceive things beyond what can be perceived with the physical senses. Om is a sacred sound and symbol representing the entire universe and everything in it. Use this mantra when you have a strong desire to see things with fresh eyes and understand the bigger picture.

Sanskrit – Ajna Chakra
Location – Between eyebrows
Frequency – 852Hz
Aura color indigo
Meaning; I SEE


Crown Chakra - OM MANI PADME HUM

The crown chakra is the highest chakra in the human body, located at the top of the head. It is our connection with the divine, and it is responsible for our spiritual growth and our liberation from physical life. Use this mantra to connect to your highest self.

Sanskrit – Sahasrara Chakra
Location – Crown of the head
Frequency – 963Hz
Aura color purple and white
Meaning; Praise to the Jewel in the Lotus


Frequently Asked Questions

Other than using Bija mantras, the chakras can be activated with;
Chakra Yoga
Chakra Mudras
Solfeggio Frequencies

Traditionally mantras are chanted 108 times due to the number of beads on a Hindu Mala bead. However, when you begin your mantra meditation practice, start with the amount you can manage and build yourself up.

Root - Lam
Sacral - Vam
Solar Plexus - Ram
Heart - Yam
Throat - Ham
Third Eye - Om
Crown - Om Mani Padme Hum

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