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An aura is a field of energy that surrounds your physical body, with the colour of it at any given time affected by your personality, emotions and experiences.

Understanding the colour of your aura will help you connect with your inner self and allow you more insight into your personality, energy, and state of mind.

Those who are surrounded by yellow energy bring a sunny disposition to their everyday life. A yellow aura likely surrounds a generous person who brings warmth and comfort to those around them.

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What Makes Our Aura Turn Yellow?

The color of your aura is affected by your personality, mood and experiences at any given time.

The color of your aura is not unchanging, but most people have an aura dominated by a certain shade. If your mood rapidly changes, so will the colours in your aura.

Those with a yellow aura usually possess a good sense of humour and they are pleasant, warm people to be around. They bring a lightness to all aspects of life, and can rapidly diffuse a tense situation.

Like the connotations we have with the color yellow, those with a yellow aura are sunny, happy and confident. They often feel a strong connection to nature.

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Yellow Aura Personality

Many people with a yellow aura are almost child-like in their disposition. This childish nature manifests as a curiosity for life, and a love for the simple things.

They are positive, easily pleased and playful. Thanks to their naturally compassionate nature, those with a yellow aura make wonderful friends, and they are able to build strong connections with those around them.

Arguably the most positive color, those with a yellow aura light up a room and can see the bright side of situations.

In relationships, yellow auras are naturally attracted to other yellows. They place a high importance on a great sense of humour, a joyful disposition and the ability to communicate clearly.

However, despite their sunny nature, those with a yellow aura can still face some challenges personally.

They can be hyperactive, lack discipline and be forgetful. Burnout is common, and they may become drained of energy if they spend too much time with negative characters.

Spiritual Meaning of a Yellow Aura

Yellow aura individuals possess impressive intuitive abilities and their spiritual energy is often obvious to those around them.

They feel a strong sense of purpose and come across as both confident and present. Those with a yellow aura have a strong sense of self and can inspire others around them to achieve greatness.

While yellow auras naturally attract others with their spiritual energy, they are often leant on by those who are struggling. Although they can and do offer good support to those in need, their energy can become depleted if they don’t take the time to recharge.

People who have a yellow have happy disposition a

Understanding Yellow Aura Shades

Yellow is usually seen as a sunny and positive color, but the exact shade of yellow in one’s aura can vary. The shade may change depending on your mood, struggles and experiences.

Light Yellow Aura

The color of the sunshine, a light yellow aura is optimistic and happy. The softer yellow shade indicates hope and new beginnings. Those with light yellow in their aura may feel inspired, motivated, and embark on a new phase in their life.

White Yellow Aura

Those with a bright white yellow aura may be struggling on the inside, despite maintaining their happy disposition. Very white yellow can be associated with inner conflict or mental health battles.

Those with a white yellow aura are often loath to reveal their inner struggles, which can lead to those around them believing nothing is wrong.

They may struggle to deal with the root of their problems, and spend too much time building up others without focusing on themselves.

Gold Aura

Unlike a white yellow aura, a gold aura signifies inner peace, personal power and spiritual enlightenment.

Those with this color in their aura make fantastic leaders and effective healers, inspiring others with their wisdom, generosity and poise.

If the color is detected as a halo around the head, the individual is highly spiritual.

The yellow aura is connected to the solar plexus chakra

Yellow Aura Chakra

Knowing which of the seven chakras your aura relates to can help you to understand your aura better. A yellow aura relates to the solar plexus chakra, located in the upper belly. This chakra governs your personality traits, ego and identity.

Self confidence is connected to your core energy, which is why those with a yellow aura often exude a quiet self-believe and a spiritual connection. When the solar plexus chakra is blocked, a range of physical and mental health issues can arise.

Many people opt to practice different yoga poses to target this area, unblocking the chakra to develop an individual sense of power, growth and strength.

Quick Aura Guide

Red Aura: Fiery, Proud & Grounded

Orange Aura: Creative, Sensual & Perceptive

Yellow Aura: Charismatic, Happy & Confident

Green Aura : Caring, Loving & Peaceful

Blue Aura: Vocal, Honest & Loyal

Indigo Aura: Intuitive, Sensitive & Empathetic

Purple Aura: Spiritual, Powerful & Dynamic

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