We believe that everyone should enjoy meditation which is why you can access our lessons for free by simply sharing them with your friends on social media. It’s super easy: find a series of lessons you’d like to try, then at the check-out page either share the MindEasy link on social media or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

How it works

Pick a meditation course that you’d like to try and share the link with your friends on social media. You’ll gain free access to the lessons for seven days, after which if you’d still like to view those meditations agian then you can simply ‘share’ again for another seven days.

Match your goals to MindEasy meditations

Match your goals to MindEasy meditations
Find the right series of meditations from our library which speak to your needs.

Sharing is Caring

Now you’ve found the right course, then go to the check-out page and click to share the link on social media or subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Need some help?

We have experts on hand to develop a personal Meditation Map to help you reach your goals through various techniques.

What are the benefits of Meditation?

Tailored courses developed around your personal requirements. No matter your goal or life struggle, our coaches will have something that works for you.


Sleep better


Deal with stress


Improve relationships


Love yourself


Improve mindfulness


Better mental health

Qualified teachers for you

Our teachers have been hand picked for their expertise in delivering lively, brief meditations that really work. Personalized guidance will take all of the confusion out of deciding the type of meditation and courses that are best for you. Our teachers specialise in various aspects of meditation and self-improvement. Fully equipped to support you in making an immediate positive impact on your life and help you achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Create your personalised meditation guide.

It's 100% free and yours to keep forever.
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