852 Hz: The Third Eye Frequency

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We all know the effect a great piece of music can have on our mood. Whether we’re playing our favourite classical music while we work, or blasting something with a heavy beat to get us energised for a run, the power of music is hard to deny.

The Solfeggio Frequency scale takes this impact to a whole new level. This ancient musical scale is made up of 9 original healing tones. Each of the ancient Solfeggio Frequencies is known for its mental and physical healing benefits, and 852 Hz music is just one example of these deeply powerful tones.

The 852 Hz sound is best known for its ability to boost intuition and awareness.

What Does 852 Hz Do?

This frequency is used in music therapy to boost awareness and help you to rebalance your Third Eye Chakra.

Many of us find that after months and months of doing the same job and having the same routine, we lose awareness and begin to live by simply ‘going through the motions’.

We may miss out on opportunities for growth or even reach a certain age and realise that life has passed by quicker than we thought.

Listening to healing tones set at 852 Hz can help you to develop awareness and connect to your intuition. It’s an amazing frequency for those struggling with anxiety and lack confidence.

Solfeggio Frequencies

The Ancient Musical Vibrations & Meditation Enhancers Playlist

Combining relaxing piano music with the Solfeggio frequencies corresponding to the seven Chakra’s, these tracks descends through the binaural beat frequencies to the theta waves ( 8hz to 4hz) to create the ultimate conditions for meditation.

852 Hz Benefits

As already mentioned, listening to 852 Hz music can profoundly affect your subconscious mind and your physical health.

This frequency can be used to raise awareness, open communication and fill the listener’s mind with feelings of positivity.

Listening to 852 Hz can also help bring a return to spiritual order. Many people find themselves better able to connect and communicate with their higher selves or spiritual guides.

Others find it easier to build inner strength, allowing them to get through tough times by connecting to what’s inside them.

Of course, listening to 852 Hz isn’t all about the spiritual, and many listeners simply find they experience greater happiness. They may find the experience deeply relaxing, which can lower blood pressure and bring about a range of benefits to your mental health.

852 Hz is linked to the Third Eye Chakra

What Chakra Is 852 Hz?

All of the original Solfeggio Frequencies directly resonate with one of the body’s seven main Chakras.

The Chakras are spinning wheels of energy in the body and, if blocked or underactive, you’ll be more likely to experience physical or mental issues.

The frequency of 852 Hz is linked to the Third Eye Chakra. This Chakra is known as the ‘Seat of Intuition’. It allows for clear thought, a connection with the spiritual realm and self-awareness.

When blocked, you may experience physical symptoms such as headaches, tension, blurred vision or hearing trouble, as well as nightmares, sleep disturbances or brain fog.

The psychological impacts of a blocked Third Eye Chakra included self-doubt, worry, overthinking, close mindedness and a lack of confidence.

Specific yoga postures, meditations and listening to this powerful Solfeggio Frequency can help unblock the Third Eye Chakra and bring the mind and body back into balance.

Griff Williams

MindEasy founder & meditation teacher

Griff Williams is an accredited meditation teacher and founder of MindEasy. He spent 12 years working as a London firefighter before changing paths to pursue building MindEasy. He received his diploma in meditation teaching from The British School of Meditation.