Indigo Aura Meaning and Personality

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The indigo aura is one of the most unique colors in the aura spectrum. Indigo’s are powerful and driven individuals with creative vision and empathy for the world.

They have a deep understanding of themselves and others, which causes them to love people deeply and want to make a difference in the world.

Indigo’s are often associated with creativity, spirituality, and intuition.
If you’re an indigo aura person, you might find yourself drawn to nature, animals, and other spiritual beings.

What Makes Our Aura Turn Indigo?

We all have different personalities, mental states and ways of expressing our emotions, and our current aura colour is a reflection of those moods.

When we are feeling low, our colors tend to become dark. When we are feeling happy, our colors tend towards the lighter ones with a more vivid glow.

An indigo aura is an indication that a person is feeling spiritually enlightened and in tune with nature, themselves and those around them.

To influence your energy field in this direction, try incorporating more spiritual practices into your everyday life.

For example meditation, yoga and pranayama breathing exercises are great ways to connect with your mind and body.

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Indigo Aura Personality

Indigo’s are most recognisable by their intuitive nature and deep connection with themselves and others.

They are intuitive at an early age and capable of understanding situations before they occur, often find themselves in the role of mediator and peacemaker.

They have a deep understanding of themselves and others, which causes them to love people deeply and want to make a difference in the world.

As creative individuals, they enjoy doing art, writing and music and are often gifted people who find it easy to pick up new skills.

Due to their empathetic character, they have a natural affinity towards animals and children.

With their ability to absorb and understand other’s feelings and emotions, they are often healers, counsellors or involved within the helping professions.

A man meditates on his indigo aura

Spiritual Meaning of an Indigo Aura

Indigos exude spiritual energies from their aura, which gives them a deep sense of compassion and understanding for others, often possessing a great deal of wisdom and knowledge at a young age, making them appear wise beyond their years.

Their naturally calm and peaceful nature allows them to connect easily with their spiritual side, allowing them to glimpse the underlying workings of the universe through their intuitive gifts.

These natural gifts can often be mistaken as access to knowledge from psychic abilities.

However, the highly sensitive disposition of an indigo aura person can often lead to feelings of being overwhelmed, causing stress and anxiety if they don’t have the proper mechanisms in place to cope.

Indigos often seek to escape reality into their own realm of the imagination, where they are free from barriers and limitations.

Understanding Indigo Aura Shades

Indigo’s like all people can experience up and downs in their mood and feelings. Even though their dominant aura color will stay indigo, sometimes with other hues appearing, the shade of indigo can vary depending on the current state of mind.

Dark Indigo Aura

Dark Indigo Aura indicates a depressed mood or a low level of energy due to not feeling happy, or having had negative experiences in their life, like trauma or regret.

Someone experiencing this kind of negative energy could be struggling to make sense of their current situation, leading to a feeling of being overwhelmed and trapped.

You might notice them withdrawing from social activities and finding comfort in solitude.

Light Indigo Aura

A light indigo aura indicates that the person has fully embraced their spirituality and are feeling at ease and positive about themselves.

These are normally fearless individuals who are optimistic and determined to try to make positive lasting change.

They might find themselves in the role of a natural healer or counsellor due to their deep understanding of themselves and others, which causes them to love people deeply and want to make a difference in the world.

Indigo Aura Chakra

Each aura color is connected to a specific chakra. The indigo aura is paired with the third eye chakra, also known as the ‘Anja’.

This chakra is located between the eyes, in the same place as the pineal gland, which is why it has a connection to spiritual insights and psychic abilities.

The ‘third eye’ is the spiritual link between our inner and outer worlds, providing us with access to information beyond our five senses and rational thought.

A block in the Anja can cause headaches, hearing problems and a loss of connection with your natural intuitive abilities.

A great way to unblock the third eye chakra is to practice gratitude meditation and to spend time reflecting on your true nature and how you can best serve that nature authentically.

Quick Aura Guide

Red Aura: Fiery, Proud & Grounded

Orange Aura: Creative, Sensual & Perceptive

Yellow Aura: Charismatic, Happy & Confident

Green Aura : Caring, Loving & Peaceful

Blue Aura: Vocal, Honest & Loyal

Indigo Aura: Intuitive, Sensitive & Empathetic

Purple Aura: Spiritual, Powerful & Dynamic

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