Black Aura Personality and Meaning

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An aura is a field of energy surrounding the physical body that changes depending on a person’s current mental and emotional condition.

Aura colors are often described as multi-hued and constantly changing like rainbows; however, sometimes negative energies can get the better of us, and the life and color in our aura can become drained.

To people who can aura read, this can appear as black energy surrounding a person’s being, indicating that they may be going through some serious emotional turmoil.

What Makes An Aura Turn Black?

Black aura energy means negative feelings are swirling around a person’s being. This can happen for several reasons: stress, anxiety, depression, trauma, and heartbreak.

Often when these emotions arent addressed, they can spiral out of control, and our approach to life becomes jaded and pessimistic.

Aura colors, like emotions, are never permanent, and we can take simple steps to move into a better place, both emotionally and spiritually.

Meditation is a proven method of overcoming anxiety and calming emotions. Practicing mindfulness—taking a moment every day to be in the present and acknowledge your feelings—will help you overcome negative thoughts and access inner peace once again.

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Black Aura Personality Traits

Unlike other aura colors, a black aura doesn’t isn’t as much a description of personality but rather a reflection of emotional state.

Having a black doesn’t mean you are an evil person or have done anything to deserve this energy. Everyone has dark moments and periods of their lives where they feel depressed or anxious.

These difficult feelings will go away when the distressing factors behind the anxiety or depression have been addressed.

Black aura caused by depression

Spiritual Meaning of a Black Aura

A person with a black aura has lost all spiritual direction in their lives and will be feeling hopeless and defeated. Feelings of guilt, grief, and regret can fill our auras with dark energies until we find confront and work through them.

Suffering is unavoidable; however, it’s also impermanent. Whatever pain you may be going through in the present moment can be dealt with and overcome.

Once a black aura person has addressed the underlying issues that are causing them to feel hopeless and defeated, they can begin to reintroduce positive energy back into their lives and move into a better place spiritually.

A women with a black aura

How to Change a Black Aura

Energy cleansing removes the negative energies attached to your aura and replaces them with positive, uplifting vibrations.

There are several ways to cleanse your energy: meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and reiki healing are all great ways of ridding oneself of negative emotions.

There are specific ‘bija mantras’ that correspond to our chakra’s that we can use to cleanse our auras. The mantra ‘Om’ resonates at the same frequency as universal energy helps open the crown chakra, responsible for spiritual awakening and enlightenment.

Black Aura Chakra

A chakra is an energy center within our subtle body and facilitates the flow of life force energy (prana).

There are seven major energy centers in the body responsible for our physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. When these chakras are open and balanced, we feel good and experience happiness.

When they are blocked or closed, we experience negative feelings such as depression, anxiety, and sadness.

Each chakra also corresponds to an aura color;

A black aura is unique as it indicates a complete block of prana flowing throughout your body. Therefore, you cannot refer to this aura color simply as negative energy. Instead, it implies a deficiency or block in the flow of life force energy, which can potentially have serious consequences for your health if it remains unresolved for a long time.

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