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Aura is the word used to describe the energy field that surrounds every human body, changing color depending on a person’s mental, emotional, and physical states.

A white aura is the rarest aura and signifies a divine connection to the higher self. People who have a white aura are highly sensitive to the needs of others and can tell when they are being mistreated.

White auras are indicative of compassion and selflessness, qualities that people with an indigo aura also tend to have.

What Makes An Aura Turn White?

An auric field is created by the current vibrational level of your chakras. For example, you will generate a green aura if you are most in tune with your heart chakra.

In the light spectrum, the color white isn’t technically a color but a blending of all colors together.

In an aura, white energy is created when someone has fully integrated and balanced all of their chakras and is living in perfect harmony with their higher selves and universal consciousness.

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White Aura Personality Traits

People with a white aura have powerful spiritual energy about them, sometimes having highly intuitive abilities and an almost psychic connection to the world around them.

This creates an approach to life that is calm, gentle and compassionate which is highly appealing and soothing to others.

White aura individuals have a strong sense of justice and are viewed as highly trustworthy, sincere, honest, and morally upright, which makes it easy for them to gain trust and respect.

A woman meditates with a white aura

Spiritual Meaning of a White Aura

White energy signifies that a person has reached a high spiritual level, is enlightened, and is in perfect harmony and balance with the universe.

When someone radiates a white vibrational color, it usually means that they have transcended all the earthly desires and have obtained contentment from within.

Once a white aura has been achieved, psychic abilities such as energy healing, remote viewing, and seeing auras will develop.

Understanding White Aura Shades

Auras change shade depending on the person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions and how they respond to the world around them.

A white aura color is not one specific shade but rather a blending of all shades onto one field of energy. However, there is some range depending on how far someone is in their spiritual development.

White and Purple Aura

A purple aura comes about when someone has fully opened their crown chakra, beginning a spiritual awakening. As that person aligns fully with their other chakras, their aura will turn purple to white.

Bright White

Bright white represents a pure and divine connection to the universe. It is a rare and radiant color that can only be obtained after experiencing intense spiritual development and enlightenment.

Murky White

Someone whose white aura is beginning to show darker shades may be having a moment of doubt or fear. They may be struggling to find their personal sense of self and purpose in life.

How to Enhance a White Aura

The high level of spirituality, purity, and connection to the divine possessed by a white aura person requires constant nurturing and dedication.

If you want to enhance your white aura, there are several things you can do.

Mindfulness and Meditation

Practicing mindfulness and meditation can help you balance your energy and create a more positive and harmonious aura.

Focus on your energy field. Your aura is a reflection of your energy, and to enhance your white aura, practice visualizing your chakras whilst in meditation.


Cultivate your sense of humor. A white aura person has a lightness and joy about them that comes from a deep connection to the divine.

Laughter and humor can help you release negative energy and create a more positive and joyful aura.

Connect to the Divine

Whether through prayer, meditation, or simply spending time in nature, cultivating a connection to a higher power can help you tap into the creative energy that flows through all things and create a more powerful and radiant aura.

Unleash Your Creative Energy

White aura people are often highly creative and express themselves through art, music, or other forms of creative expression.

Embracing your creativity can help you tap into your spiritual potential and create a more radiant and powerful aura.

Enhancing your white aura requires a holistic approach that involves working on your energy field, developing your sense of humor, cultivating your connection to divinity, and unleashing your creative energy.

By focusing on these areas, you can create a powerful and radiant aura that reflects your deep spiritual connection and positive energy.

Crown chakra is connected to a white aura

White Aura Chakra

Our chakras are energy centers within our physical bodies and are responsible for internal energy flow (prana). Each aura has a corresponding chakra.

The crown chakra is our highest chakra, which connects us to universal energy and consciousness. This chakra can be opened through spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, and pranayama.

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