How to Unlock your Zodiac Superpower

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Astrology enthusiasts will know that each Zodiac sign has its own superpower, and harnessing these different superpowers can greatly impact your life.

With a little practice, it’s possible to access the power of any of the 12 Zodiac signs. Virgos can access the Libra powers of balance and harmony, while the spontaneous Sagittarius can tap into the meticulous organisation of the Virgo!

One of the best ways to access each Zodiac’s power is to practice a meditation focused on unleashing that specific power. Meditation can be used to harness the powers of every Zodiac, and every Zodiac has their own preferred style of meditation.

Whether you’re striving for the adaptability of a Pisces during times of change, or you’re searching for the Leo power of authority and confidence before a big day at work, there will be a meditation practice to suit you and help you tap into each quality.

Read below to discover each zodiacs superpower and how to unlock it, or take this quiz to use dream interpretation and find out which zodiac superpower you would most benefit from.