Yoga Nidra

Let go of tension, reduce stress and get better sleep

Yoga Nidra restores physical and mental wellbeing through the restorative powers of active rest. By training your brain to power down in this relaxation process you’ll learn to reach deeper states of sleep.

The deep rest and relaxation that is accomplished in yoga nidra isn’t found in any other meditation practice. The practice of body scan and breath awareness calm the nervous system, meaning better health and less stress.

By connecting to the sensations you feel in your body you will gain an awareness of the deep rooted stress that hold you back. Improvements in your emotional self will reduce depresion and anxiety and increase your sense of happiness and wellbeing.

When immersing yourself in Yoga Nidra’s resting states you will begin to recognize how your thoughts simply come and go. As your awareness deepens, you’ll be able to integrate this sense of mindfulness into your everyday life.

This five-part Yoga Nidra course online will build the foundations of a powerful and transformative practice, designed to teach Yoga Nidra with compassion and awareness.

This course will provide you with a newfound understanding of the incredible healing forces of Yoga Nidra.

Step by step, you will dive deep into your subconscious, gaining a profoundly intimate experience of your mind and body.

Each guided meditation will take you further into the hidden parts of your being and will be accompanied by a written lesson to teach you how this internal meditative process works.

This course includes

Introduction to Yoga Nidra and Body Scan

Meditation Guide


Uma has been practising yoga nidra for many years on a daily basis.

She has travelled across India, Sri Lanka and China and taking courses in meditation, yoga and yoga nidra.

She is currently based in London but attends as well as runs yoga nidra retreats all across the globe.

Having experienced the life-changing and transformative effects of this practice, she teamed with MindEasy to create a yoga nidra course online experience so it could be shared with an even wider audience.

What is Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is an ancient restorative meditation practice, derived from the tantra’s that induces a state of conscious sleep that not only relaxes the physical body but the mental and emotional systems as well.

Whilst practising Yoga Nidra the meditator is guided into a Hypnagogic State where the brain will fluctuate between Alpha and Theta waves, withdrawing the senses from the external world and bringing the focus within.

Studies have found Yoga Nidra to be an effective therapeutic approach in reducing anxiety and stress. Yoga Nidra meditation has the ability to reduce both the cognitive and physiological symptoms of anxiety.

Is Yoga Nidra for me?

All these sessions are perfect for meditators at any level. The course is wholly guided and requires no previous knowledge. All the session are taken lying down, so all you need is a cushion

You will be given all the tools you need to learn Yoga Nidra and the sessions build slowly in complexity so that you never feel out of your depth.

This Yoga Nidra course online experience is perfect for anyone looking to reduce stress, improve sleep and explore inner consciousness.