How Meditation Can Benefit New Mothers

Being a mother is equivalent to holding down more than two full time jobs, with a typical mum clocking in a 14-hour shift every day, according to a study in the U.S. The early starts and late finishes, the endless chores, schooling and the responsibility of nurturing a human being, can often lead to mums […]

How To Master Anxiety and Regain Control

It may start off as a small swirling feeling akin to butterflies in your stomach or it could be more severe like a sharp breathlessness and a feeling that the world is closing in – either way, anxiety is one of the most crippling emotions that can spiral out of control if not kept in […]

Can meditation help me focus

What does it mean to focus? Its never been harder to stay focused than it is in today’s world.  Be it the autoplay of the next youtube or Netflix video, the impulse to pick up our phones or continuous temptations of instantaneous gratification. Discipline is hard and takes practice. However, meditation is the perfect tool […]

8 Tips and Techniques for a Better Night’s Sleep

Poor sleep can be hugely detrimental to both your mental and physical health, and if you’re spending night after night tossing and turning, you may find yourself losing your spark in other areas of your life. Side effects of lack of sleep include memory trouble, mood swings, increased blood pressure and reduced productivity – hardly […]

The Five Faculties of the Middle Way

Just as the human body has five sense organs that guide us along our way, the mindful path consists of five faculties that are vital to our progress. The Rudolph of our team of reindeer is Mindfulness, which sets the pace for our development and illuminates the dark or unconscious places before us. The remaining […]

Embracing Change

Although most people tend to think of impermanence in a negative light, there are definitely positive aspects to things not lasting forever. As anyone who has been through the healing process can attest, knowing that the pain or physical suffering you are enduring in the moment is not eternal is a very helpful realization. Along […]

Death of a Loved One

If you have ever experienced the death of someone you care deeply for, you know that this experience is challenging. Grief and loss can put us through an emotional ringer and leave us with a feeling of exhaustion and devastation. And yet, these dark moments are also likely to offer an opportunity for each of […]

The Noble Eightfold Path

The mindful path can be broken down into eight specific sections of practice. They are View, Thought, Speech, Action, Livelihood, Effort, Mindfulness and Concentration. We can break these eight down further into the three distinct categories of Wisdom (View and Thought), Virtue (Speech, Action and Livelihood) and Concentration (Effort, Mindfulness and Concentration). In today’s discussion, […]