Chakra Meditation Course


Bring balance to your mind & body, trigger internal healing and find a new depth to your relationships

As your Chakra’s find balance you will come to a place of inner peace and tranquillity. A deeper understanding of your own feelings will allow you to make newfound connections to those around you. This will promote greater compassion towards those around you, bringing about more loving relationships and a happier home.

This course will help you locate specific places where you are hurting. Once your energy flow is unblocked the pain you may have suffered due to betrayal, heartbreak or loss will begin to revive.

When all seven areas of consciousness come into balance, the mind and body will find its natural state of harmony and wellbeing. Allowing yourself to fall into your natural flow is the easiest and most effortless approach to wellbeing.

Awaken your seven chakras and build a connection to your bodies essential energy points.

This 8 part course combines guided meditation and solfeggio frequencies that energizes and promotes spiritual and emotional growth

Our introductory 20 minute guided meditation will help awaken your body’s seven chakras, or essential energy points.

Not only are your chakras linked to important organs and glands, but they are like spinning wheels that allow energy to flow freely through the body.

Stress and anxiety can often block chakras, leaving you feeling uncreative, lethargic and lacking.

But you can jolt your chakras back to life, after the introduction meditation, enjoy seven separate frequency tracks accompanied by piano music, to help energise yourself and feel like new.

This course includes

Guided Chakra Activation Meditation

396Hz Root Chakra Meditation

417Hz Sacral Chakra Meditation

528Hz Solar Chakra Meditation

639Hz Heart Chakra Meditation​

741Hz Throat Chakra Meditation

852Hz Third Eye Chakra Meditation

963Hz Crown Chakra Meditation

Meditation Guide

MindEasy meditation teacher Nathen

Nathen Britton is a multi-talented musician and sound engineer.

He uses Solfeggio Frequencies in combination with relaxing piano music to guide you through your chakras.

Music has been scientifically proven to help you relax, heal and establish a deeper connection between your mind, body and soul.

In this Chakra Meditation Course, Nathen teamed with another MindEasy teacher, Uma to combine guided meditation with Solfeggio Frequencies to create an effortless chakra awakening experience.

What is Chakra Meditation

Chakra meditation opens and focuses in on the energy centres of the inner body that run from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.

Solfeggio frequencies are musical vibrations that correspond to the chakra’s and have deep therapeutic and healing qualities. By listening to these tones, you can create an instant connection to your chakra’s and feel your energy flowing freely, moving with the natural rhythms of your body.

Keeping chakras balanced has been linked with maintaining physical and mental wellbeing for thousands of years. Through balancing your key chakras, you can bring your health and mental attitudes into a serene and peaceful state of wellbeing.

Is Chakra meditation course for me?

Chakra meditation is perfect for people looking to make a more spiritual connection with their mind, body and souls. Draw upon your natural energy centres to channel creativity, joy and confidence.

With the use of Solfeggio Frequencies, these meditation are perfect for anybody new to meditation, plug in your earphones and let the musical tones do all the work.

If you’ve found meditation hard to fit into your schedule before then, don’t fear, this Charka meditation course can be practised at any time of the day, and whenever is convenient.

Frequently Asked Questions

As with all forms of meditation, you should try to meditate for an amount of time you feel comfortable with.

If you push yourself to meditate for longer than you can, it will be detrimental to your practice.

However, once you build up your ability, you shouldn't need to spend any longer than 20 minutes on each chakra.

A guided chakra meditation will walk you through each chakra and focus your energy where your body needs it the most.

This Chakra course uses solfeggio frequencies, which resonates at the same frequency as your chakra to help energizes and promotes spiritual and emotional growth.


Starting with a guided course like this one is the perfect place for beginners.

The guided meditation will tell you everything you need to do, and the solfeggio frequencies will do all the work when it comes to unblocking your chakras.