How to Be a Kinder Person

As a former firefighter, Griff understands that we live in a stressful world, and now as a qualified meditation expert who holds popular seminars teaching us how to love ourselves and others, he wants to help you nourish your soul. Beyond that, he’s also a nutritional and emotional guide and strongly urges everyone to seek their optimal best.

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Dear Griff,

How can I be a kinder person? Sometimes I feel like it’s a conscious effort to show acts of kindness.

Thanks, Olivia from Australia

Hi Olivia,

The fact that you’re seeking out kindness already shows you’re open to compassion, but maybe you just find it difficult to inwardly feel and outwardly convey.

We all have the ability to be kind -kindness comes in all shapes and sizes, sometimes it’s a simple act of compassion, like a simple ‘hello’ to a neighbour or a ‘thank you’ to a waiter – so try small gestures. In some cases, you may want to volunteer for a cause you feel passionate about. You’ll find it’s a positive experience to give, or offer your services for free and not feel like you need to receive anything back.

Start with small gestures and it’ll feel less like you’re making a conscious effort to be kind. If you’re not able to go out, how about you just make sure you give your parents, friends or loved ones a call more frequently? If you find connecting with people difficult, there are other ways to show compassion, like to animals or to the environment.

Giving freely will slowly diminish any self centred thinking. When we’re wrapped up in ourselves it’s so easy to forget to show compassion to others. So focus on mindset – an open and giving mindset.

Gratitude is again another way to be kinder. Only this morning I was waiting at a pedestrian crossing watching an old man crossing the road with difficulty, and a young man came rushing to help him. This act of kindness restored my faith in humanity; and while I wasn’t performing the act of kindness I honestly felt grateful for that young man who felt sympathy and empathy to that struggling retiree. Putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes can give us more affinity with others.

We should prioritise kindness as it’s honestly the least difficult emotion. Experiencing kindness often start with being kind and showing any forgiveness to ourselves. If we can be caring to ourselves, you’ll definitely find it easier to be outwardly compassionate.

Take some deep breaths, focus on how you’re feeling and think of anything you consider ‘mistakes’. Talk to your inner self and note when you’re being over critical and acknowledge any situations that you haven’t been comfortable with. Forgive yourself and recognise that you have an adaptive attitude to turn negatives into positives. This process will help you show kindness to yourself and others.

Hope this helps,