Chakra Healing Stones

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  • Set of seven high-quality chakra crystals
  • Each crystal corresponds to a specific chakra
  • Handpicked for vibrant color and strong energy
  • Ideal for meditation, yoga, reiki, or spiritual practices
  • Comes in a beautiful velvet pouch for storage and protection
  • BONUS: FREE lifetime subscription to ALL MindEasy meditation courses with every purchase

What's Included:

1x Root Chakra Crystal (Red Jasper)

1x Sacral Chakra Crystal (Carnelian)

1x Solar Plexus Chakra Crystal (Yellow Jade)

1x Heart Chakra Crystal (Green Aventurine)

1x Throat Chakra Crystal (Lapis Lazuli)

1x Third Eye Chakra Crystal (Clear Quartz)

1x Crown Chakra Crystal (Amethyst)

1x Velvet Pouch

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