Can meditation help beat stress?

Meditation is an effective stress-buster and is one of the most popular reasons why people take up the practise.

Scientific studies reveal that the physical mechanism behind stress is reliant on the hormone Cortisol, which is released during stress. Cortisol produces harmful effects like lost sleep, depression and anxiety.

By using meditative techniques that may even include simple breathing exercises, you can stem the development of symptoms, even while the neurological systems that govern the release of the drivers of stress symptoms operate.

With a strong habit of meditation you can develop the ability to conquer stress symptoms and prevent them from emerging as frequently.

a man struggling with stress holds his head in anguish

Does meditation help fight ‘physical’ stress?

Stress and meditation are commonly regarded as purely mental. We see stress as issues such as anxiety, being short-tempered or depressed, but what is less spoken about it is the physical effects of stress – high blood pressure, the risk of heart disease or low energy. There’s a misconception that meditation will only give you a break from mental anguish. On the contrary, other studies like the one below show that meditation is as effective as lowering blood pressure as physical exercise or dietary change.

Can you be too stressed to meditate?

Another great misconception surrounding stress and meditation is that sometimes people think they are too stressed to even try meditation. But actually meditation is more effective the more stressed someone is. So no matter how stressed you may feel, meditation will work for you. Take a look at some of MindEasy’s courses which could help you


And here’s for the science, take a look in full: