Yoga Nidra 3


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A message from your coach - Uma

Uma: Yoga Nidra Meditation Course Trainer

Your final sessions

The last two recordings of the course are the Yoga Nidra 3 and 4.
You will find that sessions three and four build on the work you have done in the first and second sessions.

I strongly suggest that you listen to each of the previous sessions at least five times before you move onto the final sessions.

Creating a solid foundation of practice will allow you to benefit even more from the last sessions.

Yoga Nidra 3

In Yoga Nidra 3, you will find that the rotation of consciousness leads to an awareness of the skin on your body.

As with previous sessions, try not to intellectualise the instructions, just follow the voice and the instructions.

Yoga Nidra 3 will also involve a mental practice of the Yogic Pranayama called Nadi Shodhana – also known as Alternate Nostril Breathing.

If you have never heard of this practice before, I suggest that you devote some time to learning the practice before listening to the session.

Understanding this practice in a physical sense will allow you to practice it mentally and reduce any frustration, allowing you to move smoothly through the session.

Table of Contents