Find Your Vibrational Frequency

Everything has a frequency—the earth, plants, living beings, sound, light, even thoughts and feelings. 

Your frequency is your state of being, how you feel and act. The higher your frequency is, the happier and more productive you are.

Finding your frequency can help you heal and move towards your highest potential.

How to Raise Your Frequency


Meditation calms the mind and connects you to your thoughts and feelings. By quieting your mind, you will observe and become aware of what you are being influenced by. You can then begin to notice the frequency you are vibrating at – how you are feeling.

For example, you may experience feelings of frustration, doubt, or fear. If these are past emotions, you can let them go. You can also recognize and question these thoughts and ask yourself: Does this thought come from love? Or does it come from fear?

This can be a turning point in your meditation practice and your life as a whole.

Solfeggio Frequencies

The Ancient Musical Vibrations & Meditation Enhancers Playlist

Combining relaxing piano music with the Solfeggio frequencies corresponding to the seven Chakra’s, these tracks descends through the binaural beat frequencies to the theta waves ( 8hz to 4hz) to create the ultimate conditions for meditation.


Pranayama or breathwork is a gateway to the body’s natural healing processes. When you breathe properly, your body and mind are calmer; your energy level increases and your immune system is more vital.

Your breath, just like your heartbeat, has a rhythm. Being able to tune into this rhythm help you connect to your current frequency.

Thinking Positively

Our thoughts shape our feelings and perception of the world. Often an event or situation isn’t stressful until we make it that way in our head. Thoughts create our reality, and we cannot change reality without changing our thoughts first.

When your thoughts are positive and uplifting, you will find your frequency is higher than when you think negatively. Optimistic people are happier, get sick less often, and have lower stress levels.

Raising the frequency in your thoughts can be done with visualization, affirmations, mantra meditation and mindfulness.

Griff Williams

MindEasy founder & meditation teacher

Griff Williams is an accredited meditation teacher and founder of MindEasy. He spent 12 years working as a London firefighter before changing paths to pursue building MindEasy. He received his diploma in meditation teaching from The British School of Meditation.