Griff Williams

MindEasy is the brainchild of Griff Williams, a former Fire Fighter and an avid meditation fan after attending retreats both in Asia and Europe, from India to the U.K.

Our happy-go-lucky founder strongly believes that everyone can – and should- meditate which is why he’s trying to make the lessons free to as many as people as possible.

Griff, tell us why you think meditation is so important?

Meditation is a game changer to help you in every aspect of life whether big or small. I’ve been meditating for over a decade now, and I particularly like a style called Vipassana which allows me to explore and understand my physical and emotional feelings better, and the deep connection between mind and body. It really helps de-stress me and makes me pay attention to how I act to myself and others.

When my father passed away, I really found that meditation helped me cope with that chasm of loss and despair, and how to react to other’s people grief.

If I’ve never meditated before, where do I start?

Take a minute and try to pinpoint what you’re feeling – are you feeling depressed or anxious?

Do you want to learn how to accept yourself better? Having problems sleeping? and so on.

At the same time feel proud of yourself that you’re addressing something in your life that perhaps you’re not 100% happy with, and simply go to our MindEasy library and pick a course which speaks to your needs.

Why should I pick MindEasy over the hundreds of other online meditation sites?

When I was contemplating leaving the fire service, I knew I wanted to do something involving meditation but a service that offered something for the ‘everyday’ person (like me!).

So most importantly, we decided to offer our lessons for free, which means we hope that as many people as possible will meditate.

I’ve also chosen a tight group of teachers who come from different paths in life, but at some time in their life turned to meditation when they were at the lowest.

I hope their ‘normality’ and ability to relate to people comes through. I also understand that starting off at meditating can feel daunting, so we’re making it a point to be at the end of an email or message, so whenever you have a problem or just feel like a chat, we will be there.

Is meditation at home really effective?

Absolutely, yes!! Meditation is a personal thing, it’s all about you, so as long as the focus is on you and your physical, emotional and mental being, it doesn’t matter where you are. In fact, I would say it’s even better to meditate in amongst the ‘real world’ for you, where you will come up against daily situations to test your character and mental strength.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have attended meditation retreats in amazing places like India, and the thing I most appreciate from these trips were meeting fantastic teachers. Today they help out with MindEasy courses and guide us to develop meditations that closest reflect the true nature of meditation

What meditation means to our teachers

"10 years ago, I was suffering from extreme anxiety. I was recommended mindfulness from a friend. At first, I was unsure, but being at breaking point, I thought I'd give it a try. With a few weeks of practice, I was sleeping again and had a skip in my step. For me, it was a game-changer."
MindEasy meditation teacher Nadine
"After two decades of dealing with insomnia, never being able to achieve a restful nights sleep, I knew there had to be a better way. Meditation allowed me to feel like someone who can sleep through the night and approach the new day feeling restored and full of energy."
MindEasy meditation teacher Marisa
"Practising meditation every morning has given my life structure. The discipline that I cultivate with just 10 minutes every morning spills into every other aspect of my life. I undertake tasks and challenges with a new sense of focus and confidence. For me, it's a habit for life."
MindEasy meditation teacher Nathen