Sound Bath Meditation

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If you’ve ever entered a dream-like state whilst listening to your favourite piece of music or even the repetitive sound of passing cars, you’ll already understand the relaxing power of sound.

Our days are filled with all sorts of noises, both pleasant and unpleasant, and we are able to tune in to any individual noise whenever we like. But while these noises are always there in the background, it’s rare that we fully listen to them.

When we tune into individual sounds, the benefits can be incredible.

Sound Bath Meditation - singing bowls

Though sound bath meditation has only recently become popular in the Western world, the power of music or sound for healing is well known.

Certain types of music have been shown to lower blood pressure, decrease heart rates and help the nervous system.

Sound bath meditations are incredibly relaxing, and even those new to meditation can benefit from this wonderful practice.

What is a Sound Bath Meditation and Why is it so Popular?

Contrary to belief, a sound bath meditation doesn’t involve listening to music in the bath, although this too can be very relaxing!

Sound baths are guided meditations that use notes at repetitive frequencies to direct focus and aid relaxation. The sounds are created from crystal bowls, gongs and gemstone bowls.

Sound baths are a meditative experience in which participants are ‘bathed’ in sound. Those practising the meditation generally lie on their backs on a mat, allowing the sound to wash over them.

The result is a deep meditative state, and a whole host of benefits to your mental and physical well being.

Benefits of a Sound Bath Meditation

Sound meditations have a range of benefits. Tuning into a specific sound is extremely relaxing, as the noise and vibrations will allow you to distance yourself from distracting thoughts or worries.

You’ll have a heightened sense of awareness of the world around you, which can lead to a greater sense of peace.

It is also thought that the benefits of sound baths stretch as far as physical healing. Sound therapy uses waves and vibrations that move through the body.

This activates alpha and theta brain waves to bring you into a deeply peaceful meditative state. Reaching this level of relaxation can lower both your blood pressure and your heart rate.

A sound bath meditation offers a worry-free and safe environment where you can switch off from the pressures of the outside world and relax fully.

Is Sound Bath Meditation for Me?

Like many ancient practices, getting started can be intimidating. But sound bath meditations offer incredible benefits for just about anyone, and they can be practised at any time of the day for any length of time.

A sound bath meditation is a fantastic practice for those who find it difficult to meditate.

While some meditations can be tricky, requiring an intricate focus on a certain body part or breathing technique, sound bath meditations are more passive.

The meditator is ‘bathed’ in sound, and all you have to do is let yourself succumb to the vibrations. You’ll find yourself captivated by the sound, which will then soothe your entire body.

How do you Practice Meditation Using Sound?

There’s no comparison to an in-person sound bath meditation, and while sound meditations can be played via your phone or laptop, it is harder to fully immerse yourself. Luckily, there are studios and venues set up all around the world so you should have no trouble finding somewhere to practise.

The venue is usually an open space, set up with blankets, pillows and mats so you can settle down comfortably. You’ll start with breath work, then the person leading the meditation will use crystals, gongs and bowls to create repetitive and resonating sounds. Simply allow the sounds to wash over and through you. You’ll leave the meditation feeling refreshed, relaxed and revitalised.