7 Creative Ways to Open Your Svadhisthana – Sacral Chakra

Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest Table of Contents Color: Orange Aura Frequency: 417 Hz Location: Pelvis & genitals Spiritual aspects: Relationships & sexuality The Svadistana is the second of the body’s energy centres, located about 2 inches above the root chakra, just below the belly button. This chakra oversees various […]

The Muladhara – Root Chaka; 8 Practical Techniques to Bring It Back Into Balance

Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Pinterest Table of Contents Color: Red Aura Frequency: 396 Hz Location: Base of the spine Spiritual aspects: Security & survival The Muladhara, or the root chakra, is the first of the 7 chakras located at your spinal cord’s root and is linked to a red aura. In ancient traditions, the chakra’s […]

What Is Vipassana? The Technique, The Retreats and The Philosophy

Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Table of Contents Vipassana, or insight meditation as the practice is also known, has enjoyed widespread popularity in recent years, with many people attending the gruelling ten-day courses that are available across the globe. Like many of the popular techniques of meditation that have found their way to the west, Vipassana […]


Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Table of Contents Jainism is an ancient Indian religion. It comprises a set of beliefs and teachings that its practitioners follow in order to achieve enlightenment. Many of Jainism’s principles can be brought into our everyday lives. Learning about, and practising the Jain way of life can help give us a […]

What is Mantra Meditation?

Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Table of Contents A mantra meditation is a popular meditation practice that has its roots in Buddhism, Hinduism and ancient Christian traditions. Mantra meditations can vary hugely depending on the specific practice, but traditional mantra practices are often very different to what people may think. Make Mindfulness Easy Join over 50’000 […]

Walking Meditation

Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Table of Contents We’re all aware of the benefits of reaching our daily 10,000 steps, and a walking meditation helps combine gentle exercise with a peaceful mindfulness practice. Those who work behind a desk may find a walking meditation the perfect antidote to a long day, while others can simply find […]

Buddhist Meditation

Buddhist nuns practice Buddhist meditation

Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Despite Buddhism technically being a religion, it’s meditation practise is based firmly in reality. Rather than trying to enter a mystical trance, contact angels or other supernatural entities, Buddhist meditation aims at gaining insights into the true nature of reality and the working of our minds. Viewing the body and mind […]

How To Master Anxiety and Regain Control

Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter It may start off as a small swirling feeling akin to butterflies in your stomach or it could be more severe like a sharp breathlessness and a feeling that the world is closing in – either way, anxiety is one of the most crippling emotions that can spiral out of control […]

The Five Faculties of the Middle Way

Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Just as the human body has five sense organs that guide us along our way, the mindful path consists of five faculties that are vital to our progress. The Rudolph of our team of reindeer is Mindfulness, which sets the pace for our development and illuminates the dark or unconscious places […]

Embracing Change

Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Although most people tend to think of impermanence in a negative light, there are definitely positive aspects to things not lasting forever. As anyone who has been through the healing process can attest, knowing that the pain or physical suffering you are enduring in the moment is not eternal is a […]