Love Languages: The Secret To A Happy Relationship

Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Table of Contents Relationships can be difficult, and in many cases, even love isn’t enough! If you constantly feel as though you’re not quite on the same page as your partner, it could be that you just aren’t quite in tune with each other’s primary and secondary love languages. Contrary to […]

5 Mindful Activities for Kids

Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter From playing outside with friends, studying in class, and charging around the living room in their pyjamas, a child’s day is usually filled to the brim from sunrise to sunset (and often later!). But constantly being on the go can take its toll on your child, not to mention they’ll find […]

How Meditation Can Benefit New Mothers

Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter Being a mother is equivalent to holding down more than two full time jobs, with a typical mum clocking in a 14-hour shift every day, according to a study in the U.S. The early starts and late finishes, the endless chores, schooling and the responsibility of nurturing a human being, can […]

Death of a Loved One

Youtube Instagram Facebook Twitter If you have ever experienced the death of someone you care deeply for, you know that this experience is challenging. Grief and loss can put us through an emotional ringer and leave us with a feeling of exhaustion and devastation. And yet, these dark moments are also likely to offer an […]