What is Christian Meditation?

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Is it possible to be a Christian and meditate?

The resounding answer is YES! When stripped down to its essence, meditation is the act of being quiet and reflecting on specific feelings or thoughts, so as a Christian you can take the time to reflect on bible passages, their meaning, or your relationship with God.

The aim of Christian meditation is to strengthen your spiritual bond with God. Some people prefer to call Christian meditation a ‘contemplation.’

What does the bible say about meditation?

Meditation can come in all forms, the meditation that we know of today – as in chanting mantras, or visualising certain scenarios or focusing on feelings – mainly originate from the East. But Christian meditation is different and tends to be more of an obedience and contemplation. In the Book of Joshua, there is mention of meditating day and night on the Book of Law to ensure that you act in accordance.

In fact prayer and meditation go hand in hand. Prayer gives us the opportunity to talk to a higher power and resolve any conflict that we may be harbouring, while meditation allows us to listen to God.

It’s important to have these two sides – more often than not, our relationship with God is very one sided with us asking for answers or things, but a strong relationship needs both sides of listening and communication.

How can I connect better to God?

As mentioned, we often want things ready-made or already-done from God, but He is there to show us the path and hold our hand on the way.

It‘s the direction that we need to ask for, and when we lose our way, it’s God’s voice that we need to listen to help us get back on that path.

⁃ Find a comfortable and quiet place where you can feel relaxed and secure. People often like a room that’s dimly lit so that they can close their eyes.

⁃ You’ll probably have a million and one thoughts running through your head from your work, family life, daily errands, but take some deep breaths and literally exhale these thoughts away.

⁃ Breathe in deeply through your nose, and hold that inhale for five seconds, and then exhale fully from your mouth. Make that exhale long. Repeat this breathing exercise five times, or as many times you require to calm your mind and quiet your thoughts.

⁃ Once you’ve found your relaxed state, now it’s time to talk to God.

⁃ What would you like Him to look like? Many people visualise a light, the sky or even a friendly person – basically something or someone which conjures up good feelings.

⁃ Then start talking to God, share your feelings, thoughts, worries or needs.

⁃ After, take a quiet moment to reflect on what you’ve talked to God about. Then, listen. It may take minutes for you to hear what you’re searching for, on the other hand, you may find your ‘answer’ over a period of time. Your ‘answer’ may not necessarily be ‘spoken’ to you, but it may be through actions or a scenario that you come across the direction you should be taking.

⁃ Sometimes, our prayers are a reassurance of feelings – to give us strength when we feel challenged, scared or uncertain about a situation. Feel God’s power wash through you. He is always there for you.

⁃ Be patient, for God will always reveal your right path, and remember that it may not always be in your planned timeframe but it’ll happen when God deems right.

⁃ Lastly, give thanks to Him. Be grateful for this time you have with God, be thankful for your life, family, friends, work and for being you.

While this meditation is a beautiful way to connect with God as there are minimal distractions, it’s important to remember that He is everywhere and if you find you want to talk to Him while you’re at work, on the bus, waiting for a taxi or whatever you’re doing, just go for it.

He is always listening.

Why is it important to connect with God?

Developing a relationship with God is really like developing a relationship with any friend or a partner – it takes time and effort; but once you’ve built a connection it’ll only become more and more solid over time.

You’ll also discover that sometimes listening to God can be more satisfactory than talking and asking, and you’ll realise your path in life more easily with His help.

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Other tips to help you meditate as a Christian

Christian meditation music is a fantastic way to help you relax and focus on your time with God. Prayer music helps you focus on certain passages from the bible and help you reflect on the meaning.

Instrumental music usually comprises piano, violin or any other type of relaxing music which you can play while meditating. This type of music is often relaxing and easy listening. Music can often help you shake off thoughts and worries to help you focus more.