Orange Aura Discovery Test

An Orange aura signifies that you are adventurous, passionate, and full of creative energy.

Aura colors can change depending on the mood, personality, and everyday experience, and although an aura is not unchanging, it will be dominated by a particular shade.

Those with an orange aura all share the same playful, passionate, and ambitious traits, but they can manifest differently depending on that person’s current emotional state, and that will affect the shade of orange that person is radiating.

How to Change My Aura Shade

If you don’t feel like your current Aura shade represents the energy you want to be putting out into the world, then you can change it.

Meditation is the easiest and most effective way to cleanse your energy. MindEasy has an ‘Aura Cleansing’ visualization course that guides you to envision your aura’s vibrant protective energy and fill it with protective and loving vitality.

Other forms of meditation are also beneficial to your aura. For example, mantra meditation and positive affirmation raise your body’s vibrational energy and enhance the cleansing process. The more often you meditate, the stronger your aura will become.

You try all these techniques and more with a 30 day free trial of MindEasy.

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