What Is My Angel Number

Take this quick test to discover the number your angels are using to communicate through and how it relates to your life.

What is an Angel Number

An angel number is a repetitive sequence of numbers you see frequently appearing in your daily life. What makes an angel number different from any other number is the sixth sense feeling of synchronicity people tend to get when they see them.

Generally, angel numbers are viewed as a positive sign, with some believing them to be a message sent to us by our guardian angels or other spirit guides trying to aid us in our life journey.

000 Angel Number Meaning written in the sky

What Do Angel Numbers Mean?

Each number has its unique vibrational energy that we can feel intuitively. This is why angels use them to communicate with us.

For example, do you notice dates or times aligned in a particular way? Do you feel like your birthday is associated with a specific numeral? What about your favorite number?

All these factors, and even more, combine to make a particular number seem more significant to you than it would to anyone else.

Most commonly, angel numbers are seen when we go through transitional periods and need guidance.

The message could relate to your spiritual growth, a romantic relationship or something in your professional life.

Once you know the meaning of the numbers and identify where they could relate to your personal growth, you can begin to decipher the message.

Angel Number 111 appearing on a phone

Where to Look for Angel Numbers

Angel numbers can appear almost anywhere in everyday life. This could be the time on your phone, license plates, price tags, door numbers, receipts, ect.

Anywhere there are numbers, there can be angel numbers. What makes a number an angel number is the significance you feel when you see it. The more you look for them, the more you will find.

You can also use positive affirmations to let your guardian angels know you are listening and open to guidance.

Below is a quick guide to each angel number and its meaning.
You can find a full aura guide here.

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