20 Inspiring Sleep Affirmations and How They Work

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Sleep affirmations are pretty much as the name implies. They’re positive affirmations that you recite to yourself before sleep. They help remove any negative thought patterns and replace them with positive ones, enabling you to fall asleep and remain sleeping more deeply and peacefully throughout the night.

Sleep affirmations can be done at bedtime or earlier in the evening when we start getting tired, so we can let our minds know it’s time for bed and prepare for a restful sleep.

People often use these statements to overcome sleepless nights when their minds replay old worries or negative thoughts that end up making them anxious or stressed before bedtime, such as tossing and turning all night long.

Do Affirmations Work While You Sleep?

Adding positive sleep affirmations into your nighttime routine helps ease your subconscious mind from all the stress and anxiety it has picked up throughout the day.

By making your bedtime mantra one of positive thoughts, you allow your mind to let go of the negative thoughts that are disrupting your sleep patterns. However, nothing happens overnight, so you need to allow time for the affirmations to work.

But it’s not just the nightly affirmations themselves that create the change. Having a consistent pre-bedtime routine helps prepare the mind before bedtime for a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.

Sleep Affirmations for Healing

How to Use Sleep Affirmations?

If you’re looking to incorporate some positive sleep affirmations into your routine, here are some ways you can use them to help you before bed.

It’s best if you have a consistent bedtime routine ritual, so your body knows it’s time for sleep.

Create or find an affirmation that puts you into a positive mindset (there’s a list below). Find something that reinforces your gratitude for the day or your excitement about the possibilities of tomorrow.

Sometimes this can be hard, possibly due to the state of your mental health at that point; you may feel like you are undeserving, or the use of them seems pointless.

Sleep Affirmations for Success

This is when your subconscious mind needs positive energy more than ever. There are plenty of well-established meditation techniques, like loving-kindness or visualisation, that use this exact same principle as their core anchor.

An effective affirmation reinforces a positive message you think you need. Avoid things that are solely focused on the past or future; that way, you have a better chance of being more present.

Keep it simple for your subconscious to process the new message.

Just like when you counted sheep as a child, repeat your affirmation to yourself as you fall asleep. Treat it like a bedtime meditation mantra.

Whenever you’ve noticed that your mind has wandered off, bring it back to the mantra. The difference between this and mantra meditation is that eventually, your mind will begin to drift off to sleep, and that’s precisely what we want.

Night Time Affirmations

Here’s a list of affirmations for sleep and bedtime mantra’s that you can incorporate into your bedtime routine or daily ritual to help you achieve deep relaxation and restorative sleep

Positive Bedtime Affirmations

I am calm, and I am at peace.

I am in control of my thoughts, and I choose positivity.

I can let go of what I can’t control.

I am enough.

I deserve rest and there is nothing more I can do tonight.

I am supported, all is well.

Sleep Affirmations for Self Love

I forgive myself

I am becoming my best self

I am at peace with who I am

I am full of love and joy

All I need is in me

Sleep Affirmations for Self Love

Sleep Affirmations for Anxiety

I choose peace

I deserve restful sleep.

I release my worries.

I am a work in progress.

I deserve happiness.

Sleep Affirmations for Success

I forgive myself for my mistakes, and I let go of shame, guilt and embarrassment.

I can accept life as it comes with focus and without worry.

Everything I do moves me closer to my goals.

I am learning, achieving and succeeding.

Tomorrow is a new day full of possibilities. I am potential.

Sleep Affirmations for Healing

I have a healthy body, a happy mind and a peaceful spirit.

I forgive myself for my bad habits. I am patient, and I give myself time.

I put myself, becoming a healthier person and healing above all else.

My frame of mind is all I need to change to become a happier person.

Affirmations for Confidence

I learn with every challenge.

I am confident with who I am

I already have all I need to succeed.

I am in control

I have faith in my process.

Morning Affirmations

I am full of joy and peace.

I am committed to growing as a person.

I am well-rested, and my body is full of power.

I am strong and capable of overcoming anything.

Nothing can stand in my way.

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