Who Are the Indigo Children? Future Leaders of Humanity or New Age Nonsense

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Indigo Children is a new age concept that says that in the latter part of the 20th century, an increasing number of children were born with an indigo aura (a spiritual energy field that surrounds a person’s body.)

The theory states these exceptionally gifted children were born to be spiritual leaders and assist in the next step of evolution in human consciousness.

However, many have criticised the idea due to its lack of scientific evidence and research, possibly leading to many missed diagnoses of serious medical conditions such as attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and autism.

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What Is an Indigo Child and Where Does the Idea Come From

The idea of indigo children was initially put forward by ‘parapsychologist’ Nancy Ann Tapp, a reader of auric fields.

She claimed that she started to see an increase of children being born with an indigo aura, a vibrational color that supposedly represents an extraordinary level of spirituality and sensitivity.

According to Tapp, these children are highly sensitive to other people’s emotions and feelings and are born with innate spiritual gifts.

The idea was then further developed in the book ‘The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived’ by Lee Carroll. According to Carroll, indigo kids have been born to act as future spiritual leaders and bring humanity to the next level of its consciousness evolution.

Since then, the idea has continued to grow in new age circles, with some claiming that Indigos possess paranormal abilities such as telepathic powers and heightened levels of empathy.

Indigo children is a new age concept
Indigo children is a new age concept

What Are the Characteristics of Indigo Children

The special gifts that Indio children are said to possess seems to vary wildly from a natural ability to empathise and be spiritually attuned to having supernatural powers and being extraterrestrial ‘star children’.

There are, however, some common traits that are agreed on.


Indigo children are thought to have a natural affinity to music and the arts.

Empathetic & Compassionate

An indigo’s higher level of understanding of those around them and the state of their environment leads them to have a deep desire to change the world for the better. .

Increased Sensitivity

Sensitivity is considered to be a huge advantage in being a spiritual leader. Indigos are also said to develop these abilities very early, often by the age of two or three years old.

Strong Intuition

It is claimed that indigos have an innate understanding of situations that others miss, often going deeper into their intuition than others.

Resistance to Authority

Those who are thought to be Indigos usually display an increased sense of right and wrong, leading them to question authority, especially when they believe that the authorities are acting unjustly.o.


Many criticise the concept due to Indigo children’s broad and general traits and the lack of scientific studies on the subject.

Some even go as far as to suggest that some parents use the diagnosis of an indigo child as an attempt to justify their child’s behaviour disorders.

Others claim Indigos have become a target for unqualified therapists and doctors, who often diagnose severe medical conditions such as attention deficit disorder and autism.

This can result in the sufferer missing a proper diagnosis and treatment for their condition, with potentially life-threatening consequences.

Key Facts

  1. Indigo children is a new age concept that believes children birthed between 1978 and 1988 have a higher likely hood of being born with an indigo aura.

  2. Indigo children are thought to be born with spiritual gifts and could act as humanity’s future spiritual leaders.

  3. The idea was initially conceived by aura reader Nancy Ann Tapp and further developed by Lee Carrol in his book ‘The Indigo Children: The New Kids Have Arrived’

  4. Indigos are thought to have a wide variety of traits such as being more spitual, having more empathy and normal, more creative and strong intuition.

  5. Many claim that the idea of Indigo children is a sham diagnosis, resulting in serious medical conditions being ignored.

  6. To date, there is no scientific evidence that proves the existence of indigo children.

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