The Devil Tarot Card: Unveiling the Shadows of Desire and Materialism

The Devil Tarot Card depicting a devil figure, representing temptation.

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The Devil Tarot Card, marked as the 15th card in the major arcana, often carries with it a shroud of mystery and misinterpretation in the realm of tarot readings.

This tarot card is not a harbinger of doom, as some might fear, but rather a symbol of the darker aspects of human experience. It delves into the realms of bad habits, addiction, and the allure of materialism, offering a mirror to our shadow selves.

The Devil Card serves as a stark reminder of the temptations and bindings that can divert us from our true paths, urging introspection and awareness in our journey through life.

The Devil Tarot Card

Key Facts

  • Upright Position: Represents darker aspects of life, such as addiction, materialism, and bad habits; a call to confront and manage these elements.
  • Reversed Position: Indicates breaking free from negative influences, overcoming unhealthy relationships, and personal empowerment.
  • Love Reading: In love, it suggests the presence of toxic dynamics or raw instincts; a need to address unhealthy patterns in relationships.
  • Career and Finances: In a career context, relates to material pursuits and the potential for unethical choices; warns against letting materialism dictate career decisions.
  • Spirituality: Highlights the importance of confronting inner demons and darker aspects for spiritual growth; a reminder of the role of a Spirit Guide.
  • Yes or No Readings: Generally suggests “No” for paths leading to negative outcomes; “Yes” for embracing difficult choices that foster personal growth.

The Devil Tarot Card Meaning

Upon first glance, the imagery of the Devil Card is striking and full of symbolic depth. It often depicts a figure reminiscent of the traditional ‘devil’, surrounded by symbols of material pleasures and addiction to substances.

This figure is not just a literal representation of a demonic entity but a metaphor for the darker desires and impulses that reside within us all. The card speaks to the human struggle with these temptations, highlighting the potential negative aspects that can arise from succumbing to them.

The Devil Card is a powerful reminder of the seductive nature of material pleasures and how they can lead to a cycle of addiction and unhealthy patterns.

It’s not just about physical substances; it can also represent an addiction to certain behaviors, thoughts, or material possessions. This card challenges the querent to confront these darker aspects of their life, encouraging a deeper understanding of their motivations and the chains they might unknowingly be bound by.

The Devil Tarot Card Reversed

When the Devil Card appears in reverse, it signals a significant shift in perspective and circumstance.

This position is often indicative of a breaking free from the chains of bad influences, unhealthy relationships, and negative patterns that have held sway over one’s life. It heralds a period of personal empowerment, where the individual recognizes the traps of materialism and addiction and actively works to overcome them.

The reversed Devil Card suggests a movement away from bad luck and mental health issues that these negative influences may have exacerbated.

It’s a card of liberation and awakening, where the individual becomes aware of the power they hold to change their circumstances. This empowerment comes from within, as they start to shed the layers of dependency and fear that have clouded their judgment and hindered their growth.

In this light, the card becomes a beacon of hope, guiding the querent towards a path of self-realization and liberation from the shackles of their past.

The Devil Tarot Card with heart-shaped chains, symbolizing love's complexities.

The Devil Tarot Card Love

In the realm of romantic life, the Devil Tarot Card often surfaces to highlight the presence of toxic relationships and the raw instincts that can sometimes lead us astray.

This card is a stark reminder of the darker aspects of love, where passion can sometimes morph into possessiveness, and attachment can become an unhealthy dependency.

It urges individuals to take a closer look at their romantic life and question whether their relationships are based on mutual respect and love or are mired in manipulation and control.

The Devil Card in love readings is a call to recognize and address these unhealthy dynamics. It points to the need for introspection and honesty in assessing one’s relationships.

Are there patterns of behavior that resemble addiction or obsession? Is there a balance of power, or does one partner dominate at the expense of the other’s well-being?

This card doesn’t necessarily spell doom for a relationship but instead asks for a conscious evaluation of its health and sustainability.


When the Devil Card appears reversed in a love context, it signals a turning point – the liberation from toxic dynamics and the beginning of a journey towards healthier, more fulfilling relationships.

This position speaks to overcoming dependency, whether emotional or physical, and learning to stand on one’s own two feet in matters of the heart.

This reversal indicates a period of growth where individuals learn to foster healthier emotional connections. It’s about breaking free from the chains of co-dependency and finding strength in independence.

The reversed Devil Card in love suggests a newfound understanding of what it means to love and be loved healthily without losing oneself in the process.

It’s a time for healing old wounds and building new, healthier patterns of relating to others.

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The Devil Tarot Card Money and Career Meaning

In career readings, the Devil Tarot Card often points to a career choice or path heavily influenced by material possessions, the lure of financial decisions, or even a gambling addiction.

This card warns of the dangers of letting materialism and a desire for wealth dictate one’s career trajectory. It suggests that one’s professional life may currently be driven more by the pursuit of material gain than by passion, satisfaction, or ethical considerations.

The Devil Card in this context asks individuals to reflect on their career choices and their relationship with money. Are they in a job solely for the paycheck, even if it doesn’t fulfill them?

Is their pursuit of financial success leading them to make risky or unethical decisions? This card serves as a reminder to reassess one’s priorities and consider a career path that aligns more closely with one’s values and long-term goals, rather than just the immediate allure of material rewards.


The reversed Devil Tarot Card in the context of money and career symbolizes a breaking free from negative career influences or unhealthy financial habits. It suggests a period of awakening, where one becomes aware of the detrimental impact that an excessive focus on material gain can have on their overall well-being and happiness.

This reversal indicates a potential for reassessing one’s approach to career and financial stability. It may be time to let go of jobs or financial practices that are more harmful than helpful.

The reversed Devil Card encourages finding a balance between financial needs and personal values, urging individuals to pursue career paths that are both financially rewarding and personally fulfilling. This shift can lead to a more balanced and satisfying professional life, free from the chains of material obsession.

The Devil Tarot Card with spiritual symbols in shadow, representing inner struggle

The Devil Tarot Card Spirituality Meaning

When it comes to spirituality, the Devil Tarot Card serves as a powerful mirror, reflecting our darker aspects and the role of a Spirit Guide in navigating these shadowy waters.

This card challenges us to confront parts of ourselves that we might prefer to ignore – our hidden fears, suppressed desires, and the darker facets of our personalities. It’s about acknowledging these aspects as part of our whole being and understanding their influence on our spiritual journey.

The Devil Card in spiritual readings is a call to face and overcome spiritual challenges. It reminds us that spiritual growth often requires us to delve into uncomfortable territories of our psyche.

This exploration can be daunting, but it’s essential for true spiritual awakening. The card encourages us to seek guidance, perhaps in the form of a Spirit Guide, to help us navigate these challenges.

It’s a journey of transforming darkness into light, of turning weaknesses into strengths, and ultimately, of achieving a deeper, more authentic spiritual connection.


In its reversed position, the Devil Tarot Card becomes a beacon of hope for those feeling trapped by spiritual limitations. It signifies the breaking of chains that bind us to our lower selves and the beginning of a journey towards spiritual liberation.

This reversal is a call to action, urging us to shed the negative patterns that hinder our spiritual growth and to embrace a path of enlightenment.

The reversed Devil Card in spirituality symbolizes a turning point where one overcomes the temptations and distractions that have diverted them from their true spiritual path.

It’s about recognizing and releasing any unhealthy coping mechanisms or beliefs that have been blocking spiritual progress. This card is a reminder that liberation from these spiritual shackles is not only possible but necessary for true spiritual awakening and fulfillment.

The Devil Tarot Card Yes or No

In ‘Yes or No’ readings, the Devil Tarot Card often suggests a “No” when pursuing paths that may lead to negative consequences. It warns against choices that might seem tempting but could ultimately be harmful.

However, this card can also indicate a “Yes” for embracing difficult choices that lead to personal growth and transformation.

It encourages facing challenges head-on, understanding that sometimes the most challenging paths can lead to the most significant growth. The Devil Card, therefore, is a complex one in binary readings, urging careful consideration of the potential outcomes of any decision.

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