Three of Cups: The Tarot’s Toast to Friendship and Love

Three women dancing in a circle, each holding a cup, representing the Three of Cups tarot card.

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The Three of Cups, a radiant emblem within the tarot deck, stands as a heartwarming symbol of celebration, friendship, and those joyous occasions that make life truly memorable.

As a card of reunion, it paints a vivid picture of reunions, be it with old friends, family, or loved ones, emphasizing the value of spending quality time with those we hold dear.

These reunions, often marked by laughter, shared memories, and the promise of creating new ones, are akin to a bountiful harvest of relationships, where every moment is cherished.

The essence of this tarot card meaning is deeply rooted in the connections we foster and the jubilations we share.

Three of Cups Tarot Card

Key Facts

  • The Three of Cups symbolizes celebration, friendship, and joyous occasions within the tarot deck.
  • In its upright position, it emphasizes social events, engagement parties, and strong bonds with like-minded people.
  • The reversed card can indicate misunderstandings, financial stress, or challenges in maintaining beneficial bonds.
  • In love readings, it signifies happy reunions, deep connections with childhood friends, and the essence of true friendship.
  • Career-wise, it represents collaboration, creative projects, and ambition in the workplace.
  • Spiritually, the card emphasizes shared spiritual experiences and growth, while its reversed position might indicate feeling disconnected.
  • In “Yes or No” tarot readings, the Three of Cups generally indicates positive outcomes and happy times.

Three of Cups Meaning

When the Three of Cups graces an upright position in a tarot reading, it beckons images of social events, from engagement parties to intimate gatherings with like-minded people.

It’s a card that resonates with the rhythm of life’s happiest moments, where the air is filled with laughter, music, and the clinking of glasses in a toast to good times.

This card underscores the significance of our social life, reminding us of the joy found in our circle of friends and the beautiful feeling of unity and shared experiences.

Whether it’s a surprise birthday bash, a long-awaited reunion, or simply an evening with close friends, the Three of Cups celebrates the bonds that tie us together, emphasizing the beauty of human connection and the shared memories that make life truly enriching.

Three of Cups Reversed

However, like the ebb and flow of life, the Three of Cups in its reversed position brings with it a different narrative. It hints at financial stress, perhaps due to overspending during celebrations or unforeseen expenses.

On a personal front, it might indicate negative chapters in friendships, where misunderstandings cloud judgment, leading to rifts and distance. This card, when reversed, serves as a caution against indulgence, especially if it comes at the cost of one’s well-being or relationships.

Those bad feelings, whether they stem from jealousy, misunderstandings, or past grudges, can hinder the beneficial bonds we’ve nurtured over time.

It’s a reminder that while celebrations are a source of joy, they should also be approached with a sense of balance and understanding, ensuring that the essence of the occasion isn’t lost in the chaos.

Three of Cups with heart-shaped fruits, symbolizing joyous connections

Three of Cups Love

In the realm of love and friendships, the Three of Cups shines brightly in a tarot card reading. When upright, it heralds happy reunions, perhaps with childhood friends or past lovers, rekindling old bonds and creating new memories.

As the card of friendship, it signifies the joy of shared moments, the laughter of shared jokes, and the comfort of shared silences. Whether it’s reuniting with a long-lost friend or reigniting the spark in a romantic relationship, the Three of Cups is a beacon of positive energy and deep connections.

It’s a reminder that love, in all its forms, thrives on connection, understanding, and mutual respect. For those seeking insights into their love life, this card emphasizes the importance of cherishing every moment, understanding its depth, and celebrating the bonds that make life beautiful.


However, when the Three of Cups is in its reversed position, it hints at potential challenges in love and friendships.

There might be misunderstandings, feelings of distance, or a sense of disconnect with one’s closest friends. It’s a nudge to re-evaluate relationships, to communicate, and to bridge the gaps that might have formed over time.

This card, when reversed, serves as a reminder that relationships, like gardens, need constant care and nurturing.

Suit of Cups Quick Guide

Ace – Love

Two – Partnership

Three – Celebration

Four – Apathy

Five – Loss

Six – Nostalgia

Seven – Choice

Eight – Abandonment

Nine – Satisfaction

Ten – Harmony

Page – Dreamer

Knight – Romantic

Queen – Empathy

King – Diplomacy

Cups – Emotions

Swords – Intellect

Pentacles – Material

Major Arcana – Journey

Three of Cups Money and Career Meaning

In a career context, the Three of Cups is a beacon of collaboration and teamwork. It emphasizes the importance of social circles in professional life, where networking and building relationships can lead to fruitful opportunities.

The card speaks of creative projects, where an ambitious person can harness their talents and work in harmony with others to achieve common goals. It’s a card that celebrates the spirit of collaboration, where diverse talents come together to create something beautiful and meaningful.

Whether it’s launching a new project, celebrating a team’s success, or simply enjoying the camaraderie of colleagues, the Three of Cups in a career reading signifies growth, creativity, and the abundant harvest of collective efforts.


On the flip side, the reversed position of the Three of Cups in a career context might indicate challenges. There could be missed opportunities, lack of collaboration, or disagreements within a team.

Social events, which were once a source of joy and networking, might feel draining or unproductive. It’s a call to realign, communicate, and find common ground, ensuring that professional relationships remain strong and productive.

Three of Cups with surrounding spiritual symbols, representing communal spiritual rituals.

Three of Cups Spirituality Meaning

In spiritual readings, the Three of Cups holds a special place, symbolizing the profound bond of friendship and the journey of spiritual growth. It’s a reminder that spiritual journeys are often more enriching when shared with like-minded souls.

Just as friends uplift, support, and guide each other in life’s ups and downs, they also play a pivotal role in one’s spiritual evolution. This card emphasizes the joy of shared spiritual experiences, be it group meditations, retreats, or simply deep conversations about the universe and our place in it.

For those seeking deeper insights into their spiritual path, the Three of Cups suggests that now might be a good time to seek tarot card readings. Such readings can offer clarity, guidance, and a fresh perspective on one’s spiritual journey, emphasizing the card’s essence for growth and deep connections.


However, when the Three of Cups appears reversed in a spiritual context, it might indicate a period of feeling disconnected. Perhaps you’re not resonating with your current spiritual practices, or maybe you’re feeling isolated from your spiritual community.

This card, in its reversed position, serves as a gentle reminder to re-evaluate and realign. It’s essential to remember that spiritual growth sometimes involves periods of solitude, introspection, and even doubt.

But it’s also crucial to seek support, reconnect with your spiritual circle, and find practices that resonate with your soul.

Three of Cups Yes or No

In “Yes or No” tarot card readings, the Three of Cups generally leans towards a positive response.

It’s a card that radiates the energy of happy times, celebrations, and positive outcomes.

If you’re questioning whether now is a time for celebration, bonding, or embarking on a new venture with friends, the card suggests a resounding “Yes.”

It embodies the essence of joy, unity, and potential success, making it a positive card in the tarot deck.

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