Seven of Wands: Navigating the Tensions of Inner and Outer Conflicts

An individual defending from a higher ground, representing the Seven of Wands tarot card

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The Seven of Wands, a distinctive card within the Wands Tarot of the Minor Arcana, symbolizes resilience, courage, and the spirit of defiance.

As with many tarot cards, its imagery and symbolism offer profound insights into various facets of our lives. The card’s essence revolves around defense, mustering courage in the face of adversity, and steadfastly holding one’s ground.

As we delve deeper into the card meanings of the Wands Tarot, the Seven of Wands emerges as a beacon of determination, urging us to stand firm in our convictions and face challenges head-on.

Seven of Wands Tarot Card

Seven of Wands Meaning

In its upright position, the Seven of Wands speaks of a time of determination and the need to defend one’s stance. It suggests that while you might find yourself on shaky ground, facing opposition or external forces, you have the inner strength and conviction to persevere. This card encourages individuals to stand their ground, even if it means standing alone.

The challenges may seem daunting, but finding common ground and harnessing inner strength can lead to overcoming these obstacles.
The imagery often depicts a lone figure, holding a wand and standing elevated, fending off six other wands from below.

This represents the idea of being in a position where one has to defend their beliefs, decisions, or actions against multiple challenges or criticisms. However, with determination and a strong sense of purpose, victory is within reach.

Seven of Wands Reversed

When the Seven of Wands appears in its reversed position, it points towards feelings of being overwhelmed, a lack of confidence, or being unprepared for the challenges ahead.

This position might indicate that you’re avoiding confrontations or challenges due to a lack of preparation or courage. It’s a call to reflect on whether you’re shying away from situations because of fear or genuine concerns.

The reversed position also touches upon the implications of a lack of respect – either from others or self-inflicted. It might suggest that you’re not standing up for yourself, or perhaps you’re not giving others the respect they deserve.

In some cases, it can also indicate a situation where one feels their efforts go unrecognized or undervalued.

In essence, while the upright Seven of Wands speaks of resilience and defense, its reversed counterpart urges introspection, preparation, and building confidence to face the challenges that lie ahead.

Seven of Wands with heart-shaped shields, symbolizing love defense.

Seven of Wands Love

In the realm of love and relationships, the upright Seven of Wands speaks of the determination and effort required to maintain and defend a healthy relationship.

Just as in other aspects of life, relationships too face challenges, and this card suggests that you might find yourself in a position where you need to stand up for your relationship or defend your choices to others.

The positive energy that emanates from the Seven of Wands encourages couples to face these challenges head-on, ensuring that the bond remains strong and unbroken.

The card also hints at the need to protect the sanctity and integrity of the relationship. It’s about standing up against external influences that might try to create discord.

By harnessing the positive energy of the Seven of Wands, couples can navigate through challenges, ensuring a harmonious and healthy relationship.


When the Seven of Wands appears reversed in a love reading, it points towards potential issues that might be undermining the relationship. This could manifest as a lack of mutual respect, misunderstandings, or not seeing eye-to-eye on some issues.

The reversed position suggests that the positive energy that once fortified the relationship might be waning. It’s a call to address these issues head-on, ensuring that both partners feel valued and understood.

Ignoring these signs can lead to further complications, so it’s crucial to communicate and find common ground.

Suit of Wands Quick Guide

Ace – Inspiration

Two – Planning

Three – Expansion

Four – Community

Five – Struggle

Six – Victory

Seven – Defense

Eight – Speed

Nine – Resilience

Ten – Burden

Page – Explorer

Knight – Adventurous

Queen – Confident

King – Charismatic

Cups – Emotions

Swords – Intellect

Pentacles – Material

Major Arcana – Journey

Seven of Wands Money and Career Meaning

In the professional and financial spheres, the upright Seven of Wands signifies the need to defend one’s career position and make a mark.

It suggests that you might be in a situation where you’re climbing the career ladder, facing competition, or challenges from peers.

However, with determination, foresight, and the right strategies, you can secure your position and even rise higher.

The card also emphasizes the importance of financial foresight. Just as one defends their position in the workplace, it’s equally crucial to protect and grow one’s financial assets.

Making informed decisions, planning for the future, and being prepared for unforeseen challenges are all indicated by the Seven of Wands in a financial context.


The reversed Seven of Wands in a career and financial reading can indicate challenges that arise from a lack of preparation or not standing firm in one’s convictions.

You might find yourself in situations where you’re not defending your ideas, projects, or position in the workplace effectively. This can lead to missed opportunities or even setbacks in your career trajectory.

Financially, the reversed card suggests potential pitfalls due to lack of foresight or preparation. It’s a reminder to be vigilant, plan ahead, and ensure that you’re making sound financial decisions to safeguard your future.

Seven of Wands with spiritual barriers, representing guarding one's spiritual beliefs.

Seven of Wands Spirituality Meaning

In a spiritual context, the Seven of Wands represents the ongoing battle between our inner and outer worlds. This card suggests that there might be external forces or situations that challenge our spiritual beliefs or practices.

These challenges can sometimes manifest as health issues, where our physical well-being is intertwined with our spiritual state. It’s a reminder that our spiritual journey is not always smooth, and we might face obstacles that test our faith and resilience.

The Seven of Wands also emphasizes the importance of current treatment and practices for spiritual well-being. Whether it’s meditation, prayer, or any other spiritual practice, it’s crucial to stay consistent and committed.

These practices act as a shield, protecting us from external disturbances and helping us maintain our spiritual equilibrium. In the face of health issues or challenges, turning to our spiritual practices can offer solace and healing.


When the Seven of Wands appears reversed in a spiritual context, it points towards a feeling of disconnection from one’s spiritual path.

This disconnection can sometimes manifest as a physical battle, where health issues arise due to spiritual imbalances.

It’s a call to realign and reconnect with one’s spiritual beliefs and practices. Ignoring these signs can lead to further complications, both on a physical and spiritual level.

It’s essential to address these health issues promptly and seek both medical and spiritual interventions to restore balance.

Seven of Wands Yes or No

In “Yes or No” tarot readings, the Seven of Wands is an accurate card that leans towards a “Yes,” but with a caveat. While it indicates that you might achieve what you’re asking about, it also suggests that there will be challenges or defenses to overcome.

The card’s essence is about standing your ground and facing challenges head-on. So, while the outcome might be favorable, the journey to get there will require determination and resilience.

Key Facts

  • Card Overview:
    • Part of the Wands Tarot in the Minor Arcana.
    • Themes: Defense, courage, standing one’s ground.
  • Upright Meaning:
    • Represents determination and defending one’s position.
    • Themes of being on shaky ground but finding common ground.
    • Facing external challenges and forces.
  • Reversed Meaning:
    • Indicates lack of confidence and preparation.
    • Challenges include lack of courage and respect.
    • Potential avoidance of challenges.
  • Love Implications:
    • Upright: Defending a relationship, striving for a healthy relationship.
    • Reversed: Issues like lack of mutual respect or understanding.
  • Money and Career:
    • Upright: Defending career position, climbing the career ladder, financial foresight.
    • Reversed: Challenges in financial preparation and defending workplace position.
  • Spirituality:
    • Battle between inner and outer worlds.
    • Potential health issues linked to spiritual well-being.
    • Importance of consistent spiritual practices.
  • Reversed Spirituality:
    • Feeling of spiritual disconnection.
    • Physical battles and health challenges due to spiritual imbalances.
  • Yes or No Tarot Reading:
    • Indicates a “Yes” but with challenges to overcome.
    • Emphasizes determination and resilience.

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