Five of Wands: Embracing the Challenges and Triumphs of Healthy Rivalry

Five individuals in a playful tussle, representing the Five of Wands tarot card.

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The Five of Wands stands as a dynamic Tarot Card within the vast realm of the Minor Arcana. At its core, it is a card that encapsulates the essence of competition, conflict, and the inevitable struggles we face in our journey through life.

As with many tarot cards, the Five of Wands carries with it a rich tapestry of meanings, each offering insights into the challenges and triumphs we might encounter.

Five of Wands tarot card

Five of Wands Meaning

When the Five of Wands appears in its upright position, it predominantly signifies a period marked by healthy competition and the challenges that come with it.

This card reminds us that while competition can be fierce, it often pushes us towards personal excellence. The energy of this card is akin to the adrenaline rush we feel when faced with challenges, urging us to rise to the occasion.

It’s a card that speaks of power struggles, be it in the workplace, within personal relationships, or even within oneself. These struggles, while daunting, often lead to growth, pushing us to strategize and maneuver ambitiously.

The card of conflicts suggests that while the path might be fraught with obstacles, the form of conflict can often lead to greater understanding and personal growth.

Five of Wands Reversed

In its reversed position, the Five of Wands paints a slightly different picture. Here, the card delves into themes of lack of cooperation and the challenges that arise from internal discord.

It’s a reminder that not all battles are external; sometimes, the most intense conflicts are the internal conflicts we grapple with, often stemming from our own doubts, fears, and insecurities.

This position of the card also speaks of battle fatigue, indicating a period where one might feel overwhelmed by constant challenges, leading to a lack of harmony.

It’s a call to recognize when we’re spreading ourselves too thin and to understand the importance of seeking balance during tumultuous times. The card, in this stance, also warns of a potential period of conflict, suggesting that it might be wise to tread carefully and avoid unnecessary confrontations.

Five of Wands with tangled heart strings, symbolizing relationship conflicts.

Five of Wands Love

In the realm of love, the Five of Wands brings with it a whirlwind of emotions and dynamics. When upright, this card often points towards a fiery relationship.

This isn’t necessarily negative; it can mean a relationship filled with passion, intensity, and a dynamic energy that keeps both partners on their toes. However, with such intensity often comes the potential for conflicts.

Disagreements, differing opinions, and clashes can be frequent in such a romantic relationship. Yet, amidst these challenges lies the quest for a harmonious relationship.

It’s a reminder that while disagreements are natural, it’s the resolution, understanding, and mutual respect that matter most in relationship matters.


When the Five of Wands appears reversed in a love reading, it signals challenges that might be more deep-rooted.

Misunderstandings might escalate, leading to aggressive behaviors or actions on an aggressive level.

This position of the card emphasizes a significant lack of harmony, suggesting that both partners might be on different wavelengths, struggling to find common ground.

Suit of Wands Quick Guide

Ace – Inspiration

Two – Planning

Three – Expansion

Four – Community

Five – Struggle

Six – Victory

Seven – Defense

Eight – Speed

Nine – Resilience

Ten – Burden

Page – Explorer

Knight – Adventurous

Queen – Confident

King – Charismatic

Cups – Emotions

Swords – Intellect

Pentacles – Material

Major Arcana – Journey

Five of Wands Money and Career Meaning

In a career context, the Five of Wands upright speaks of a workplace filled with friendly competition. This competition, while challenging, often fosters growth, innovation, and team spirit.

Employees or colleagues might push each other to achieve their best, leading to collective success. However, with competition also comes the potential for financial struggles or challenges, especially if one doesn’t stay updated with industry trends or fails to adapt to changing scenarios.

The card suggests that while the financial situation might have its ups and downs, the spirit of camaraderie and teamwork can help overcome challenges.


In its reversed position, the Five of Wands in a career reading can be a warning sign. It might point toward missed business opportunities due to a lack of cooperation among team members.

The environment might be marked by constant battles, with colleagues more in competition with each other rather than working together. This lack of unity and constant strife can hinder progress and growth in professional matters.

Five of Wands surrounded by clashing spiritual symbols, representing spiritual challenges

Five of Wands Spirituality Meaning

In the realm of spirituality, the Five of Wands serves as a mirror, reflecting our inner battles and personal struggles. Spirituality is a journey, and like any journey, it comes with its challenges.

At a spiritual level, this card suggests that one might be grappling with conflicting beliefs, values, or spiritual practices. It’s a reminder that growth often comes from discomfort and that these struggles are a part of spiritual evolution.

Amidst this internal turbulence, there’s a deep-seated desire for a peaceful environment.

This card nudges one to find balance, seek harmony amidst chaos, and remember that spiritual growth often stems from understanding and resolving internal conflicts.


When the Five of Wands is reversed in a spiritual context, it amplifies feelings of disconnection. There might be internal spiritual conflicts that are causing distress.

This could manifest as doubts, questioning one’s spiritual path, or feeling out of sync with one’s beliefs. The lack of harmony is evident, and the personal struggle becomes more pronounced. It’s a call to introspect, to realign, and to seek guidance or practices that can restore spiritual equilibrium.

Five of Wands Yes or No

In a “Yes or No” tarot reading, the Five of Wands typically leans towards a “Maybe” or a cautious “Yes.”

It’s a positive meaning but with a caveat. While the outcome might be favorable, it suggests that there could be potential conflicts or challenges along the way. It’s essential to be prepared and to approach situations with an open mind.

Drawing this card also hints at the importance of supportive cards in the spread, which can provide further clarity on the situation at hand.

Key Facts

  • Card Overview:
    • Part of the Minor Arcana.
    • Represents competition, conflict, and struggle.
    • Themes include healthy competition, power struggles, and challenges.
  • Upright Meaning:
    • Emphasizes themes of competition and the adrenaline rush of challenges.
    • In love: potential for fiery relationships and the quest for harmony.
    • In career: friendly competition, team spirit, and potential financial struggles.
  • Reversed Meaning:
    • Indicates lack of cooperation, internal conflicts, and battle fatigue.
    • In love: aggressive behaviors and lack of harmony.
    • In career: missed opportunities and lack of teamwork.
  • Spirituality:
    • Reflects inner battles and personal struggles on a spiritual level.
    • Reversed: feelings of disconnection and internal spiritual conflicts.
  • Yes or No Tarot Reading:
    • Leans towards a “Maybe” or cautious “Yes”.
    • Indicates potential conflicts or challenges ahead.

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