How to Feel Good Enough.

As a former firefighter, Griff understands that we live in a stressful world, and now as a qualified meditation expert who holds popular seminars teaching us how to love ourselves and others, he wants to help you nourish your soul. Beyond that, he’s also a nutritional and emotional guide and strongly urges everyone to seek their optimal best.

We frequently get MindEasy users asking us, well almost everything…and we love it! So we’ll do our best to answer your questions. Feel free to contact us if you want to ask Griff… anything!

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…to help YOU feel GOOD enough.

Dear Griff, 

Why am I not good enough? On a daily basis I feel that I’m not good enough when it comes to societal norms and romantic relationships. What can I do?

Ted from Derby, U.K.

Hey Ted,

First let’s stop this negative self-talk, no matter what situation you are in, it’s important to not be unjustifiably critical about yourself. What we say about ourselves can often mould who we become, so speaking poor of yourself could lead to low self esteem and confidence issues.

Whatever you’re going through please remember that there is a positive life experience in everything to build your character.

You say that you feel that you’re not good enough when it comes to social norms – in what way is your behaviour different? Do you feel like an outsider?

It’s so easy in this day and age to be swayed into thinking you should behave a certain way, especially amid social media. But the important thing is to stop comparing yourself to your peers, or even celebrities, and instead focus on yourself. To regain perspective maybe take a break from social media, and discover what you like to do, what’s important to you, and design a set of morals you believe is right to live by.

People have recently asked me a lot about how to reintegrate into society and how to meet up in groups again. Since the pandemic, so many people have had a hard time readjusting to being out and about with others.

I always say, start socialising slowly…meet up with one friend first, make it informal say in a coffee shop. Learn how to reconnect and find common interests again. The key thing is ‘slowly, slowly’, and gradually build up from there. It’s great for everyone’s mental health to start socialising again, but in your own time.

Whether romantic or platonic, our current relationships have also come under the microscope since the pandemic. How we interact with people has changed dramatically recently.

When you say you’re not good enough for romantic relationships, can you pinpoint on why they keep breaking down? Write a list of what you want in a relationship and what you feel are important characteristics in a partner.

I would say however, it’s important to work on yourself and once you’re happy with you then you’re more likely find it easier to maintain a relationship.

So how do you focus on yourself?

1. On a daily basis try some affirming mantras. These are simple sayings, which you can create and repeat saying to help you feel good, such as : “I am clever, creative and kind.”

2. Exercise regularly to release endorphins, also known as the feel good hormone.

3. Talk to someone about why you don’t feel adequate. However, stop putting pressure on yourself to conform to an image that you’re not comfortable with.

4. Consider taking time out from social media.

5. Start meeting friends in an informal setting.

I hope this helps.