Face Yoga: What Is It, Does It Work And 5 Easy Poses

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A natural alternative yoga method, Face Yoga, uses a set of facial exercises to reduce the signs of ageing.

The practice contains a set of facial muscle exercises that require you to stretch your cheeks, smile, and make different facial expressions.

Popularised by Danielle Collins, author of “Beauty From The Inside Out”, Face Yoga effectively treats fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness. It also helps to combat signs of stress and anxiety.

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Does Face Yoga Work?

Yes, studies have shown that a regular routine can significantly reduce the signs of ageing on the face.

Obviously, this looks silly, and with celebrities such as Meghan Markle and Gwyneth Paltrow claiming to have started a daily face yoga routine, you may wonder if this is just another one of those “wacky” celebrities trends. 

However, a study approved by the Northwestern University Institutional Review Board found that a 30-minute daily routine over a 20 week period significantly improved age-related changes to the face and neck.

By increasing blood flow to the face and neck muscles, facial yoga increases cell production. This is due to the increased supply of nutrients and oxygen to these vital parts of the body.

Facial yoga also strengthens the muscles that make up your face, which will lead to a younger-looking appearance.

Easy Face Yoga Routine

Pose One

Start by placing your palms on either side of your eyes and rest your fingertips on the top of your head.

Next, apply firm pressure and pull your skin toward the back of your head whilst also raising your eyebrows. Hold this pose for 60 seconds.

This will help activate your brow muscles and reduce frown lines.

face yoga pose one

Pose Two

After a minute, open your mouth as wide as you can and push your tongue out and down and hold for another 60 seconds.

face yoga pose twp

Pose Three

Make an open mouth smile, making sure your teeth are showing below your lips.

Place two fingers below your cheek muscles and rest your jawline on the knuckles of your ring finger.

Push up with your finger and apply pressure for 60 seconds.

This exercise will reduce saggy cheeks and even out laugh lines.

face yoga pose three

Pose Four

Make an ‘O’ shape with your lips, making sure your lips are pulled over your teeth.

Place your palms over your cheeks and pull back your skin whilst simultaneously pulling your chin towards your neck.

face yoga pose four

Pose Five

Make a ‘V’ shape between your middle finger and your ring finger. Place those finger above and below your eyes with your palms pointing towards your face.

Apply pressure by widening your hand and pulling back on your skin.

face yoga pose five

Face Yoga Benefits

Obviously, the main benefit from this yoga practice comes from reducing facial ageing. You can look years younger by increasing blood circulation, oxygen, and energy in the facial muscles.

Other benefits include;

  • Increased muscle tone in the face, neck and eye region for lifting eyebrows, wrinkle reduction, and reduced droopiness.


  • Reduced-fat around the cheeks and jowls to smooth out the face.


  • Better posture with a lifted facial profile.


  • Improved blood circulation to improve skin health.


  • Decrease in neck tension and saggy skin.


  • Radiant skin and Youthful appearance

Common Questions

Face Yoga is a non-invasive facial exercise routine that can help to prevent or reduce sagging, wrinkles, and drooping. It is a series of exercises designed to tighten and tone facial muscle and can be done at home.

Face yoga is practised at home, preferable in front of a mirror. Find a face yoga routine online or use the one above and begin.

You should aim for at least 4 -5 poses per sessions. In studies where the practitioners found positive results, they practice for at least 30 minutes per day for 8 weeks.

The benefits of face yoga include the tightening of facial muscles, increased blood flow for a more youthful appearance and a fewer fold lines and wrinkles.

Griff Williams

MindEasy founder & meditation teacher

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